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Ryan Kesler Sheds His Clothes

I have to eat dirt. Kesler originally wanted to return by the beginning of the season, but was being over-anxious. His return date is not known. So, I was on the Canucks-Ducks page and there was a  Kesler aiming for season opener headline on the side. I had a mini orgasm of sorts and jumped the gun on this post, which has now been corrected.

So flame away! I'll just be over here in the corner putting some sauce on my crow hoping to make it taste better.

More news on the Kesler front...and the ladies and gay men will love this: The KesLord is reportedly going to pose near-nude in ESPN The Magazine's annual "Body" issue. An example of what has appeared in that issue in the past:


That's nice. But even if it's the mighty KesLord posing like that? I'll stick with my Diet Pepsi.