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Canucks-Sharks Preseason Gamethread

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6:00 pm PST, RSN-Pacific
Enemy territory:
Fear the Fin (cool people, possibly still bitter), Battle of California
Enemy pro: Great new rivalry in the works?
Enemy con: One of our toughest Western opponents

Why hello there, San Jose. How are you guys doing? Enjoy this summer?
What's that? You wish it were shorter? You really think you could've beaten both us AND Boston, grabbing your first Stanley Cup before we could? Unfortunately, you had to face us in the 3rd round. And we were on too good of a roll for you. Relax, there's always this year..... actually, on 2nd thought, you're still going to have to wait for us to do it first.
Also, if you do win tonight, don't feel too good about it. You're really just playing the Wolves right now, the Canucks will be around next week. You're better off to save your vengeance for when we meet again next week in your precious "Shark Tank".

Coconuts go.