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Preseason Game 4: Ducks At Canucks Preview

DUCKS (0-3)


Time Sat. 7:00 PM PST

What?? Owen Nolan, Andrew Ebbett and Anders Eriksson all have groin problems? Not Nolan! Damn it! I wanted to see him progress and maybe even get a shot with the Sedins. Ebbett is expected to play this weekend. Nolan wasn't even on the ice on Friday.

I don't know what the starting rosters are but the Province article that I linked to above states that Cory Schneider will play all of Saturday's game. That may mean that Roberto Luongo will play in Sunday's game against the Sharks.

The Canucks are coming off an impressive hard-fought win over the Oilers, who dressed most of their regulars. The Ducks have not won a game in preseason play yet. They lost their last game 5-1 to the Sharks and were outshot 49-14.

5 preseason games remain for the Canucks. 2 of those games will be against the Quacks. Let's hope Nolan can make it back for a few of them.

One thing about Canucks-Ducks games: expect madness. These are always a thrill ride.

Edit: Hat tip to Semi_Colon for the heads up:

Dan Murphy
At Forward for VAN: Sturm-Hodgson-Jensen; Sweatt-/Roussel-Oreskovich; Duco-Schroeder-Dimitrakos; Fedoruk-Lapierre-Mancari.
Dan Murphy
Projected line-up for VAN: Alberts-Tanev; Parent-Sulzer; Connauton-Ballard. Goal: Schneider starts and should play whole game. Lack back-up

The Ducks are going to ice their big guns: Getzlaf, Ryan, Perry, Blake, Selanne, Koivu.

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