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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with more Lack Attack)

As usual, Vancitydan has done an amazing recap of last night's action, so if you think you're too good to watch pre-season hockey, go back to the main page and read Dan's recap right under this article. He describes the game so vividly you'd swear you could smell the BO of the large guy in front of you as the sweat drips off his mullet and onto your shoes as you watched the game live from the stadium. Dan did such a good job breaking down the action that I won't even bother choosing my stars of the game as I agree with pretty much all Dan said, plus the entire team played so well, it's hard to pick out which guy played the best. I am pretty sure we can all agree that we really enjoyed Hordichuk's retirement party, and I am really impressed that the Oilers let Hordichuk go out against his old team.

I must say, though, that last night's game was a time for players on the bubble to step up and shine, to get themselves noticed....and damnit, almost every player did. I don't envy Mike Gillis right now, as he has to try and sift through the game last night to try and evaluate who should stay and who should go. MANcari's competition all played well last night (that Duco goal was just a great effort) and MANcari is so nice, he even helped Nolan score a goal.

MANcari is a point a game player right now by the way. Just saying. I agree with Dan, again (GET OUT OF MY BRAIN) that at times MANcari looked a little too casual in the defensive end of things, but I assume that's because he was taking it easy on the Oilers because MANcari is a good guy like that. Once I really wanted to impress a girl and MANcari pretended he didn't even know me and kept walking past us both so the girl wouldn't get flustered by meeting Mark. Great guy.

Anyways, we are getting closer and closer to the annual Vancouver tradition of Luongo-bashing as he will finally get to play in net, and we will see all the other regulars shortly, as the exhibition schedule speeds forward. Sadly, this means the end of Ray Ferraro losing his shit over the fact that he thinks we're abusing the 8 veteran rule (heartbreaking, I know), but at least we'll finally get to see Hodgson play with the Sedins for one shift before being bumped down a line, just so Tony Gallagher can lose his mind.

With that in mind, let's hit up some Vancouver and NHL news! Today's links are brought to you by Cody Godson: He's coming whether you like it or not.


Vancouver News and Notes:

  • I pump my own tires on this one as I tell you about an article I did on MANcari! OK, don't roll your eyes, this is an actual article, devoid of most humor, as I do a breakdown on Mark Mancari, his strengths and weaknesses, and chances of making the team. I can write seriously. On occasion. Anyways, if anything now you have something to link to people the next they go "Who is Mark Mancari, and why is the Stanchion always screaming about him?" [Off the Stanchion]
  • Ben Kuzma goes over last nights game and offers up his stars of the game. Apparently Kuz is aboard the MANcari train as this is twice now he has pointed out Mancari's contributions. Want player quotes about last nights game? READ HERE AT [Vancouver Province]
  • Want even more coverage of the Canucks game last night? You got it! Ta-Da, my boy Thomas Drance, has reviewed the game and refreshingly for my readers, has chosen Mike Duco as the standout of the game for him. And like I said before, as much as I support Mancari, Duco is playing a very interesting game to me. Mancari/Lapierre/Duco with Stevie P rotating in? This assumes Oreskovich doesn't make the team. Either way, it looks like the Canucks have a ton of options for the 4th line this year. [Canucks Army]
  • RIOT! RIOT! Yep, for those that can't get enough riot articles, here is an Eastern Canadian Bruins fans take on the riots. You're pretty excited to read his take, aren't you? [Hockey Writers]
  • Canucks have the highest odds of winning the Stanley Cup according to Bodog. But they also list the highest odds of me dating Natalie Portman as 1271271281928192-1, so I'm thinking something must be broken with their system. [TSN.CA]
  • Here's a picture of pretty pretty Natalie Portman. Oh Mrs. Stanchion, you are quite the catch!


  • Jason Botchford brings us the unfortunate scenario of Mason Raymond possibly never playing again. On plays where a guy gets tagged in the head, the visual nature of it allows us to view a serious injury from that kind of play as a very real possibility. Raymond's injury however was the result of an awkward looking play almost off camera, so I don't think many people realize the extent of his injuries fully. Give it a read at [Vancouver Province]
  • Ah, yes, another Canucks failed attempt in the playoffs, means another year of the usual "Canucks have been figured out!!" storylines. Tony Gallagher takes a break from his assault on Alain Vigneault to file this report about how the Canucks plan on handling teams using the Bruins blueprint against them. And by blueprint, we mean the Tim Thomas playing out of his mind blueprint that should be oh so easy to re-create.[Montreal Gazette]

NHL News and Notes:

  • For those of you who did not hear the twitterverse exploding with joy over Brendan Shanahan yesterday, let me fill you in. Shanny suspended both Jody Shelly and Leblond AKA that Calgary guy who hit Clackson for 5+ games each. It's odd, right? You just found yourself agreeing with the discipline handed out by the NHL. Even more shocking? Shanny posted videos explaining WHY he chose to suspend them, and talked through the hits explaining his logic. When asked about this strange foreign L word I just used, Colin Campbell appeared quite shaken and asked to be taken back to his room. "In my day, they'd kill a man for saying the word 'logic'" muttered Colin Campbell. For a great breakdown on Shanahan's method and why this has set the NHL ahead of every other sporting league, check out [Yahoo Sports]
  • Winging it in Motown has an awesome caption contest that I am totally going to steal once I figure out the legality of it (money needs to be exchanged, threats need to be uttered. Currently I am telling them I will get Lebda back on their team if they don't let me do it), but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the fruits and labors of their efforts. Give a check out at Winging it in Motown if you want to see Modano grabbing at his crotch. [Winging it in Motown]
  • How do I know a story sucks? I won't make jokes because the subject matter is too serious. Some a-hole apparently threw a banana at Wayne Simmonds during the Wings/Flyers game tonight. It's nice to know that no matter what is happening in the world, there will always be that a-hole at a sporting event. [LA Times]
  • Detroit beat the Flyers 4-3 on the night, though it took until round 8 of the shootout. Ian White's mustache was credited with the goal. Talking after the game, Darren Helm described the win as "The biggest thing to ever happen in my life. Aside from talking to you, that is. Just kidding. I really don't like you." [Windsor Star]
  • Anytime the Blackhawks lose I consider it a good day, and such was the case last night as the Pens beat the Hawks 4-1. If we ignore the fact that the Hawks dressed barely any NHL regulars, we can enjoy this loss openly, and often. "Hey did you hear the one about the Blackhawks? They suck." Yesssssssssss. It doesn't even need to be funny. Just as long as hatred is sent their way. Read more I really have to mention the title? Ugh. go read more at [Pensburgh]
  • Shockingly, SHOCKINGLY, Minnesota won a game 1-0. Yes, even after starving for any kind of hockey news, Minnesota has already found a way to bore me. Chris Stewart said of the game ".........................". [Hockey Wilderness]
  • If this was 1999, I would be SO stoked about this game. But it's not. So now I merely give it a passing nod in the hallway. The Stars beat the Av's 5-2, and to celebrate, they all took turns punching out Alex Auld (Obscure Belfour reference? I hope we have fans who know about this.) "Alex is so silly, he kept slipping on water bottles. Silly clumsy Alex" said every single current member of the Stars who punched Alex. The best part of the game? Dallas rocking the dreaded G-Spot line. Godard-Garbutt-Gazdic. Rumors say it's really hard to find the G-Spot line during the regular season. Bada-bing. Thank you. I'm here all night. [Defending Big D]
Tweet of the Night: A new feature, but one that will recognize those few people that make me laugh. It's hard to do, so when it happens, it must be recognized. Tonight's Tweet O' The Night comes from @steveburgess1 .


Song of the Day: Hit up some House of the Rising Sun to celebrate your Friday.

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