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It's a Youth Movement - Canucks @ Oilers Preseason Gamethread

6:00 pm PST, TSN
Enemy territory: Copper & Blue (a few cool people there...)
Enemy pro: The Oilers suck....
Enemy con: .... except for when they beat us.

On one side is the Vancouver Canucks, who are still letting the regular guys rest and letting the kids and older tryouts show what they've got. On the other side is the Edmonton Oilers, who are already pretty much showing off their regular season roster made entirely of kids. (Quit complaining, Terry Jones. If you had the depth we have, you'd do the same.) Sure, it's obvious they're going to be a threat within a few years. But right now, their only purpose is to give Canucks fans heart attacks from our team barely being able to beat them at key times of the regular season.
Whatever. Let the kids play. We'll have the last laugh at the end of the season, as we have for the last few years.

Coconuts go.