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Hey look, Hockey's On!!! Canucks-Flames Preseason Double-Header Gamethread

That is one manly man.  (via <a href=""></a>)
That is one manly man. (via

Game 1 @ Calgary, 6:00 pm PST,
Game 2 vs. Calgary, 7:00 pm PST, RSN-P
Enemy territory: Matchsticks & Gasoline (enter at your own risk)
Enemy pro: It's Calgary.
Enemy con: It's Calgary.

So he can have the time to unleash more of his incredibly biased analysis on you, Yankee has given me the job of posting the gamethreads this season.  Since I don't have the extensive movie/tv knowledge that he has, or any Photoshop skills, please be patient as I find a format that works for me.  This may or may not involve stealing ideas from previous threads or other blogs.

Hello, Calgary.
Look at your team.  Back to ours.  Now back to your team.  Now back to ours.  Sadly, your team isn't our team.  But if you got rid of the crappy remnants of that Sutter mismanagement and got a GM like Mike Gillis, your team could play like ours.
Look down.  Back up.  Where are you?  You're on a sheet of ice, with the team your team could play like.  What's in your hand?  Back at us, we have it.  It's the 7 goals we just scored on Miikka Kiprusoff.  Look again, the goals are now another appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals!
Anything is possible when your team has a GM like Mike Gillis, and not the crappy remnants of that Sutter mismanagement.
We're in Vancouver.

Coconuts go.