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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Friday Links)


It's Friday. I can't even begin to explain how happy I am it's Friday. I imagine it's the same feeling Roberto Luongo gets when he sees that it's Joe Thornton winding up for the shot, he's just glad it's going to be an easy ride from here on out. This Friday is better than most Fridays in that it is on the cusp of a long weekend, which means for many of us we will spend the day at work in the time honored tradition of doing nothing because lets face it, future you can deal with it on Tuesday. Of course come Tuesday you will want to murder Friday you, but let's worry about that later. As Samuelsson always tells us, future us can "go **** themselves."

Also, apparently I have been pumping the tires of one Raffi Torres too much. I have no idea WHAT people are talking about, but just to prove I am not constantly praising Raffi, I have decided to photoshop him on Colossus's body instead of Superman's body. Don't say I never did anything for you guys.

With that said, I have no sexist jokes for the ladies this morning, so instead I will just leave this here:


Vancouver Canucks News:


  • If you think going under the handle of Herbert Vasiljevs would probably not make you the best authority to talk about prospects, I would tend to agree with you. But if anyone should know what a bust of a prospect is, Herbert would be it. And Herbert has the latest rundown on Anton Rodin, a player with a lot of hype in the Canuck fan underground, but one who also has has a trend of shoulder injuries that could hamper his development. Read a good update on the Rodin situation over at our friends at [Canucks Army]
  • Ed Willes weighs in on the riot report done by John Furlong and Doug Keefe. Willes attacks the report for being a lot of hot air that in the end, doesn't really have a point, and doesn't really tell us anything we didn't already know. So basically it is no different than most Province sports articles. OH SNAP. I just went there. Anyways, if you want to read Willes advocating a 'ground and pound' strategy from the police, head over to [The Province]
  • Gord Mcintyre has a story about players thoughts on the recent string of NHL deaths, and some players weigh in on the current debate on fighting's role in hockey [The Province]
  • Because I know all of you are saying to yourself "Well this has been a mediocre read so far. No Rome jokes, only one Raffi picture.....And why hasn't there been more stories about the riot???", I will help you out and throw you a bone. Elliott Pap has a riot story! yay! This article is about how the Canucks are vowing to encourage 'responsible fun'! "We just feel fans should stick to the classic way of cheering on this team. Put your hands on your face, look down at the ground, rock back and forth, muttering the entire time 'typical....typical.....' Other ways to celebrate responsible fun according to the Canucks, is to buy Rogers Arena's expensive beer, buy Vancouver Canuck merchandise, and a bit of an odd one, "just hand over money to Aquillini. He'll fist bump you or something." [Vancouver Sun]
NHL News and Notes:
  • Greg Wyshynski has a great article about putting the focus on providing a support system to NHL players battling diseases like depression, instead of getting caught up in the focusing on the fighting aspect that ties the three latest NHL deaths together. Give it a read at [Puck Daddy]
  • Eklund has an amazing article at Hockey Buzz about, nah, I'm just kidding. He will never have a good article nor will I ever link to him. But Bob McKenzie weighs in on the recent deaths in the NHL and talks about the shocking aspect of Belak's death in particular. Read it at [TSN.CA]
  • One former hockey player claims he thinks 85-90 percent of all tough guys are not comfortable with their role in hockey. Sadly, Brantt Myhres was more relived to retire from the NHL, than he was getting into the NHL. It's an interesting read, give it a check at the [Calgary Herald]
  • Many former fighters are weighing in on this issue as Chris Dingman is the latest ex-player to step up and discuss fighting in hockey, and the toll it takes on you. Interesting to note that one of the fears a tough guy has is embarrassing his team by losing in a fight, which is an angle I never thought of. [Toronto Sun]
  • Georges Laraque has his say as well, as he says you shouldn't be so quick to judge fighting, instead, the cheap shots do more damage, in his opinion. [iNews]
Off the Stanchion Link:

Video of the Day:

gino odjick penalty shot Vs vernon w byers scrap (via hockeybooks)


Gino Odjick with one of the most epic penalty shots of all time. Garrett even manages to avoid YES-ing. The crowd just go absolutely NUTS when Gino scores here. I miss the GIIIIIIIIIIIINOOOOOOOOOO chants!


Stanchion Gif: