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Top 10 Biggest And Baddest Canucks Hits Of The 2011 Playoffs

Stop! Hammer time!
Stop! Hammer time!

OK, this will be the last top 10 that I'll do as there is too much going on with the preseason. Raffi Torres created some controversy by cranking Jordan Eberle just before the season ended. He would return in Round 1 of the playoffs and create more...controversy, as you'll see on the list. Another Canuck player (a most excellent defenceman for that matter) would create more Canuck hate-ons as well.

This isn't called the biggest and baddest hits for nothing. Not all of these hits were considered clean. Whatever. This is all about contact. Some guys spit chicklets. Some got right back up. Some saw a light at the end of the tunnel or had dreams of Orcas and mad Mexicans. The Playoffs were nasty. Enjoy!

I lied. It's the TOP 11. Semi_Colon gave me a heads up on a hit I had missed.

11. (Round 1 Game 2) Alexander Edler and Michal Frolik go for the puck behind the net. One man emerges:

10. (Round 3 Game 2) Kyle Wellwood was hungry so Chris Higgins and Max Lapierre give him a sandwich:

9. (Round 1 Game 5) Considering Alex Edler's size and speed coming towards Ben Smith here, I'm not at all surprised at the end result:

8. (Round 1 Game 7) I don't recall a guy hipchecking a player from behind before, as Ballard does here on Marcus Kruger. The end result is comical:

7. (Round 2 Game 1) Ballard sends Tootoo ass over tea kettle. The refs penalized him for clipping. WTF. That was out of the blue.

6. (Round 4 Game 1) Hammer likes picking on guys that are bigger than him. This time it's Milan Lucic. Unfortunately this blew out his groin:

5. (Round 1 Game 2) Late entry. Thanks for the heads up, Semi! Edler destroying Patty Kane easily makes the list!

4. (Round 1 Game 3) Raffi Torres returns from suspension and then obliterates Keith Seabrook. Listen to the Chicago commentators go off on Torres. Oh well. It's in the past now. Major contact though! Huge points from me!:

3. (Round 4 Game 3) "Wow, that pass by me was pre..BOOOM! Stars. I see stars..I can almost touch them..." OK, so Rome's hit on Horton was a bit late. And that was too bad because I love hits like this. But they are going the way of the dinosaur:

2. (Round 1 Game 3) Another one of those hits that have been forgotten. Was Marcus Kruger the Canucks' bitch in round 1 or what? Hamhuis destroys Kruger in this one and it scores big points to me because of the nastiness of it. He absolutes sexes the guy:

1. (Round 3 Game 4)I love the way Jamie McGinn springboards off Ballard on this one for maximum air time. McGinn had time to tip the stewardess before landing. Woo! This one wins in my books: