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Top 10 Biggest And Baddest Canucks Hits Of The 2010-11 Regular Season

With preseason upon us I thought I'd post another top 10 list to hopefully get you pumped for the coming season. Obviously Raffi Torres is going to make the list several times. We will miss his destructive presence out there. I know I will anyway. You know he is the type that puts the fear of God into the opposing players. As does Hammer, Ballard and Rome's hips. That sounds bad. So are the following hits. Enjoy!

10. (November 24) Alex Edler blasts the speedy Matt Duchene:

9. (November 2) Raffi Torres comes from out of nowhere to bomb Andrew Cogliano:

8.(November 13) Andrew Alberts stops Tyler Bozak dead in his tracks:

7. (November 15) Tyler Myers is about 6'8" and over 220 pounds. Like Raffi Torres cares:

6 (a) (February 26) Victor Oreskovich boom shackalacks Andrew Ference:

6 (b) Same game: Torres wallops Tomas Kaberle. Don't mind seeing Bruins getting wrecked:

5. (January 11) This may be one of the forgotten Torres hits from last season. Probably because it was against the Islanders. I gave it higher marks for the airtime:

4. (April 2) Aaron Rome takes a few lessons from Keith Ballard and then gives the Oilers the ol' "f*** you" afterwards:

3. (November 6) Andrew Alberts decks Pavel Datsyuk. All aboard the A Train!

2. (April 5) Yeah I'm may catch flack for this one, but Raffi Torres' destruction of Jordan Eberle looked like a kid getting hit by a car. A suspension ensued. The face of hockey will never be the same. Somewhere out there Scott Stevens is glad he doesn't play in the NHL anymore. Props to Eberle for getting right back up though.

1. Considering the size difference, when Dan Hamhuis hip checks Douglas Murray and the Shark flies that high...color me uber impressed:

Honorable mention goes to Cal Clutterbuck for checking himself into the Canucks' bench. Thanks to Pseuccubus for the heads up and thanks to Clusterf*ck for the laughs!: