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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with more Pringles)

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"Press X repeatedly to steal Pringles"
"Press X repeatedly to steal Pringles"

Twitter friend JonManChanSays sent word to me of the special limited edition Riot Vancouver NHL 12 released at the midnight release of NHL 12 on Monday night. I was not able to get their at midnight to get my copy, and when I went to pick it up myself yesterday, they informed me they were no longer handing out the Riot Edition. Luckily I was able to track down someone who has a copy of this version of the game, and they gave me the breakdown on what features this version of the game has.

NHL 12 Riot Edition Features:

- If you're down by 3 goals in the final period of the game, repeatedly circle the left analog control to leave the arena and light a car on fire

- If a successful riot occurs, press both bumpers to start a mini-game to decide who should pay for the riot. Throw hats and try to land them on the heads of the NHL, the team of the city where the riots took place, the hippies who always sit outside the museum downtown, or that weird guy who hangs out in Chapters yet never reads anything.

- Press X to activate a press conference about the riot. For 50 MS points you can unlock different suits to wear to the conference. NEW: Latest unlockable: Suit with a mustard stain on the right hand side. Let people know you ran here and left a hotdog behind the minute you heard about the riot

- Pringles Pandemonium : A new mini-riot game, try and steal as many Pringles as you can in under a minute. For bonus points, look directly at everyone taking your picture and recording you doing it

- If the riots are too much, NHL 12 has a "Stand and Gaze" mode where you can just sit in the street watching the riots unfold around you

- New Detective Mode: If riots aren't your thing, help solve who partook in the riots. Break down hours and hours of grainy YouTube footage to try and pick out rioters. Where's Waldo add-on can be bought for 25 MS points

- Kiss and Tell mode: Run around and circle the right analog control to take down a person, then hit Y to kiss them, X to stroke their hair, A to tell them it will be all right and B to tell them you're leaving for Australia, and it's been fun, but you both knew where this was headed

- Nut Shot mode: Avoid flash bangs to the nuts by deftly jumping left and right as the cops begin their assault on you. New Buzzer add-on attaches to your pants so when you're hit, it feels like you really got hit! (Warning: May cause pants to catch on fire.)

- Start a Rumor Mode: Did a Bruins fan get pushed to his death? Did anarchists around the world plan this? Was Mothra behind this entire thing? Start a rumor by hitting the right bumper anytime you see a reporter. Bonus points for tweeting a rumor and having it take off. Pictures taken out of context will help give you the ultimate score. "That guy is holding shoes by a burning car. His shoes must be filled with bombs."

- Throw Away a Career Mode: Stand by a police car for 3 seconds repeatedly tapping B until someone takes your picture. For 50 MS points you can download the "Water Polo Player" skin.



News and notes after the jump! This days news is brought to you by Betty White, because you asked for it.Betty_white_-_google_images_-_google_chrome_2011-09-14_08-39-11_medium


Vancouver Canuck News:


  • Thomas Drance, T-Drance, Drance Pants, Ta-Da, TD2010, She-Rah...whatever you know you him by, Thomas Drance puts out solid Canucks material. And his latest article is no exception. His latest article is about the future co-existence of Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider. Will Schneider drive Luongo crazy with his thigh master workouts? (Promptly at 9am everyday.) Will Luongo annoy Schneider with his Lady Gaga inspired practice gear? (Now with more leather.) Will Luongo put two and two together when his third child arrives with red hair? Find out all this and more over at [Canucks Army]
  • K-Conn continues to have more stories written about him. I assume this means he was the only prospect the media could find, so he got a crapload of stories done about him. Read the latest updates on K-Conn from Ian Walker. Shockingly the depth of Vancouver's defense is the same as it was last week, meaning we won't be seeing K-Conn anytime soon. And by anytime soon I mean at least until the 2nd month of the season once 5 of our top d-men are out with injuries. Nolan Baumgartner gets to eat this year! [Vancouver Sun]
  • Roberto Luongo proved that living here for part of the year for around 5 years is enough to get you into the BC Sports Hall of Fame. All you need to do is make sure you win an Olympic gold medal. The BC Sports Hall of Fame also welcomed in the "easiest decision ever made category", Trevor Linden, leaving many to wonder why he wasn't in there sooner. The minute the 1994 season ended they should have been working away at getting his gear in there. Tom Larscheid also made it into the Hall, listed as "Vancouvers preeminent groin expert". Upon seeing Linden fumble with his speech, Larscheid exclaimed "Bullshit. This is bullshit. You can't do this at such an important stage." before being taken outside by a cloaked Mike Gillis. [Vancouver Province]
  • Lying and hiding injuries needs to be worked on apparently, as the Canucks have gone into playoff mode over Bill Sweatt's injury. "It really helps us get into the swing of things if we can start the lying early" said Vancouver GM Mike Gillis. "If we don't start early and get in a groove, by the time playoffs come around I could still be telling the truth. Nobody wants that." I would also like to say the last time a Sweatt was mysteriously injured, he was retired a year later. It's been a great career Bill, I wish you luck in your real estate future. [Vancouver Sun]
  • It's mid-September, that means it's time for the annual "Fresh Start for Cody Hodgson" article! Jason Botchford fills out the template for the Cody Hodgson off-season special as we hear about such things as Gary Roberts, his back injury, and whether he prefers the pink marshmallows over the orange ones. Read it at the Montreal Gazette as I have a french quota to fill. [Montreal Gazette]



NHL News and Notes:


  • S E P H over at the HF Boards has a good thread showing off the new masks from some of the goalies this year. My favorite is Mike Smith's use of Wile E Coyote, but there are several cool designs being used this year. Then there is Bryzgalov's sexy laid back tiger look he must be going for. "Why you heff to be so mad tiger? Why you no be sexy?" Just remember, by visiting the HF Boards you are legally required to get into one pissing match over the perceived trade value of a prospect. "Are you a moron?? Throw in Alex Edler, then we'll talk" - Said by anyone at HF about their 1st rounder from 3 years ago.  [HF Boards]
  • I'm not embedding this because then it would get clunky, and besides, it wouldn't go with my shoes, but Wayne Gretzky shows off his skills in this video from College Humor. It makes me feel good to know that while Gretzky is the greatest player of all time, he still struggles with acting. He is the Aaron Rome of acting; He tries really hard, but in the end, he's just chipping it off the glass. [YouTube]
  • Done talking about the role of hockey in fighting? TOO BAD. The Globe and Mail describes the Polasek Teubert fight as if Teubert was happily on his way to school and out of nowhere Polasek jumped out, broke his nose, stole his lunch money, then went back in time to sleep with his mom, just so he could tell him he was his daddy. They describe 6"2 Polasek as "massive" even though Teubert is 6"4. But hey, whatever helps your story. [Globe and Mail]
  • The Toronto Sun goes out on a limb and says the Winnipeg Jets being in the NHL is a good thing. They also discuss such things as water being wet, sun being hot, and Taylor Pyatt's eyes being super dreamy. [Toronto Sun]
  • Operation Sports has their review of NHL 12 up. If you are on the bubble about buying this game, definitely check them out, OS is one of the best websites around for sports games. You probably shouldn't go to them for checking out interior design choices. All I have to say about NHL 12 is last night Burrows passed it to Kesler and Kesler WENT DOWN ON ONE KNEE to one timer the puck in for a goal. I unlocked the achievement "On Bended Knee". I started weeping. [Operation Sports]
Video of the Day:

NHL 12 - Stamkos One Knee Clapper (via iTZzShaDyy)


Seriously. Brett Hull-esque one timers? Be still my beating heart. So awesome.

The best part of this YouTube video, as it usually is, takes place in the comment section. Apparently some dude stole the video and posted it as his own. Yes, someone stole a video of a one timer goal in NHL and passed it off on their own. The fight even has a "I guess you need the view count" style insult. Man, it doesn't get better than that. I assume it was David Pratt who uploaded this version.