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Goon - Coming to a theatre near you in 2012

Goon Movie Trailer [HD] (via AllianceFilms)

There isn't a lot of hockey movies out there for us hockey fans to revel in. Mighty Ducks, Happy Gilmore, Slap Shot(s), Youngblood, etc. Not a lot of variety. Which is why anytime a hockey movie comes out, I get excited. Even though the movie could be the worlds worst hockey movie (Looking at you Mighty Ducks) I still feel compelled to watch it. Which is why I am kind of excited about this latest movie called Goon. Sure it plays up to every single stereotype imaginable for hockey, and I am sure it will do nothing but reinforce certain opinions of hockey with our Amercian cousins, but like I said, I'm a sucker for hockey movies, I don't care what it's about. If I can watch Team USA take on Team Iceland with no mention of Canada, than I can handle an abundance of mullets and the liberal use of the word 'eh'. I also used to work in a video store, so watching terrible movies is something I am used to. That being said, this looks amusing to me because I enjoy the easy humor sometimes.

That being said, I am curious about our community, what do you think of this movie? Are you excited? Hate it? Don't care? Answer the poll! NOW!