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Young & Restless, Running Out Of Control...

Sorry to the youthful generation, it's from one of the cheesiest bands of my youth, Prism. And a fine example of CANCON at it's finest, as well.  I can still remember being 18 at Commenwealth Stadium for an all day SummerSuperFest thing.  When they played Nickels and Dimes, everyone throwing change and having a fantastical vision of money raining through almost the whole song. ( Edmonton folks like to throw their money around ) Not sure what the refreshments were at that point.  

The reason I bring up Prism as they are a fine example of, at the time, something that was lauded as the Next Great Thing, only to turn out as actually a perfectly pleasent, but kinda harmless loveable bunch. Kind of like the Oilers kids.  They'll come in as the sexy team, with kids like Ryan Nugent Hopkins and Colton Teubert. (  and Tyler Pitlick, just cuz his name makes me giggle )  The "Next Dynasty" they are building there, we keep getting told.  We'll see, but honestly, it will just be fun to watch some hockey!

Me, I want to see Darren Archibald play huge and pop someone. Yann Sauve should be a beast in this tourney, he will be one of the biggest and experienced of the "kids". We may get to see Bill Sweatt step up and use the talents we know he has.  Frank Corrado, David Honzik, Adam Polasek ( my pick for a surprise guy on the blueline, to go with Steve Anthony up front ).  A bunch more here, (along with links for some.)  I imagine the actual lineups will be out closer to game time. Until then, feel free to enjoy the thread.

EDIT : Here is the Canucks linup via The Province.  Could not find anything on the Oil, but I assume RNH will play.  If you see it, throw it in the comments. ( Note, that Sweatt/Schroeder/Rodin line...looking forward to that one! )

Lastly, 10 years ago, we watched our world change in so many ways, on a beautiful fall morning. A thought to the unlucky ones, both at the time, and in the events since then.  Politics and opinions aside on what followed, it was a day many died.  I can't imagine how tough it must be for the families. Watching over and over, every year at this time, the events that led to losing a loved one.  RIP.


EDIT EDIT : The score was 7-2, but that is hard to quantify.  Lets put it this way. The 1st was a sawoff, the Oilers killed it big time in the 2nd, and the Canucks had a strong 3rd.  Players that were noticeable for the Canucks included Jensen, Archibald, Sweatt, Rodin and Schroeder ( he deserved a goal for his work ) up front, along with Lessard and Grenier, amongst others.  

Sauve, Connauton and Erixon were the best of a bad lot on the blue line, but its kind of tough. Honzik had a tough spell, the power play helped the Oil in the second, and what did we really expect!  St Laurent made a great impression in the 3rd in net.

I thought Lander was a better player than Nugent Hopkins, but you can definitely see why the kid was picked 1st overall.  

Tomorrow we get the early slot versus the Flames at 4PM.