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Top 10 Goals Scored Against The Canucks In The 2010-11 Regular Season

Sign Bobby Ryan to a long term deal on NHL 11. Trust me it's worth it.
Sign Bobby Ryan to a long term deal on NHL 11. Trust me it's worth it.

Who does this kind of thing on a Canucks site? What sort of bastard applauds the opponents' efforts? That would be me. I love hockey and can appreciate some sweet plays when I see them. Now, this took a lot of time and effort. I give much praise to nucksandpucks for putting together the Top 10 Canucks Goals Of The 2010-11 Season. But a few things I realized from watching all the highlights to bring you this Top 10 list: 1. Ehrhoff was a mixed bag of good and evil. 2. Roberto Luongo made a buttload of tremendous saves last season. I'm tempted to make a Top 10 of those. Cory Schneider was terrific as well, of course. Hello Jennings trophy! 3. The Canucks scored a lot of highlight reel goals. Their opponents did not. My short list for the top 10 contained 23 plays. That was it. And I wasn't even being biased. 4. The beauty plays by our opponents got better as the year went on, generally.

OK, here are my top 10 picks....

10. Brad Richards has enough time to have a sub and then score on this play but I really like how he executed. Slapper fake = gold. However, the Stars would lose this game 7- (effing) 1. (January)

9. Mikael Grabovski with a solo effort to tie the game at 3. Leafs still lose. (November):

8. Troy Brouwer turns Christian Ehrhoff onto a pylon (November):

7. Jordan Eberle, when he's not getting destroyed by Raffi Torres, is one heck of a hockey player. Here he drags the puck and plays the patience game on Roberto Luongo and buries it (December):

6. Alexander Steen, who loves playing against the Canucks for some damned reason, looks like a modern day Jaromir Jagr on this one (December):

5. Corey Perry ties the game on a solid Ducks passing play (October):

4. Here's a sweet goal by Patrick Berglund of the Blues (February), but geez, that Alex Pieterangelo guy does all the work:

3. Mikael Backlund strips the puck from another Mikael and buries it (March). What an effort.

2. Torrey Mitchell pulls a Denny Savard on this goal (March)...assisted by Wellwood, haha. But who noticed? What an effort by Mitchell and fail by the Canucks' collective defence.

1. What is it with the Ducks scoring beauty goals against the Canucks? Good Lord. Teemu Selanne threaded the needle to Jason Blake on a goal in this game that could have made the list, but on this play Ryan Getzlaf freezes Cory Schneider on then makes a no-look pass to Bobby Ryan. Wow. This is my pick for best goal scored against us last season. Ducks would win that game 4-3.