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Some Info On Owen Nolan

So the Canucks potentially add another nationality to the fold on a tryout basis. Belfast-born Owen Nolan. Yeah, they also invited boxing bag Todd Fedoruk to Camp as well, but Nolan is the one with the intriguing past, and is the biggest talk of the day in Canuckville. That talk mostly being that he is too old (turns 40 in February) and that Mike Gillis is wasting his time while others (like me) say that he's worth a look at Camp. This isn't a signing, it's an invite. If he makes the team due to excellent work ethic, keeping up at the NHL pace, scoring ability, etc then we have yet another versatile player who can move up and down the roster, if the team and player can come to terms on a contract after camp, that is.

Anyways...on to some Nolan info...

- Listed as 6'1" 214 pounds. A power forward.

- A first round, first overall draft pick by the Quebec Nordiques in 1990. The Canucks had the 2nd overall pick that year and they selected Petr Nedved. Boooooo!

- Career stats from Internet Hockey Database:


- Impressive second and 3rd year with the Nordiques. The Nordiques moved to Colorado in 1995, and after only 9 games into the season Nolan was traded to the San Jose Sharks for Sandis Ozolinsh. The Avalanche won the Cup that year.

-Nolan is obviously loved by San Jose Sharks fans after playing 8 seasons there and being the captain of the team for 6 of those years. I remember watching Nolan play. It was admirable. The guy played his heart out, crashing, banging and scoring. He reminded me of a Wendel Clark. Unfortunately that kind of play took at toll on his body, especially his knees. Here are a few Nolan videos from his time in San Jose:

A Nolan compilation from his time in San Jose:

Owen puts on a clinic at the 1997 All Star Game (held in San Jose) including that famous goal on Dominik Hasek where he pointed at the corner before he shot it:

Nolan delivers the People's Elbow to Grant Marshall. I think he got an 11 game suspension for this:

Nolan scores a long distance goal on Blues' Roman Turek in Game 7 of Round 1 of the 2000 Playoffs. It would end up being the winner.


-In 2003 Nolan was traded to the Maple Leafs in exchange for Alyn McCauley, Brad Boyes and a first round pick in 2003. His tenure in Toronto was brief and not without controversy. The injuries really set in here. Plus, from ESPN:

Nolan's knee injury led to three grievances with the Maple Leafs: One in December 2004 over an alleged improper suspension, one in January 2005 over the Leafs' refusal to pay the $5.6 million salary for that season, and a third in September 2005 when the club did not honor the option clause in his 2005-06 contract.

An ugly situation. His wiki page describes the situation in more detail:

Nolan broke new ground in contract negotiations, having a clause put in that stated if the 2004–05 NHL season was cancelled, then he would gain a player option for an additional year in 2005–06. However, with the NHL CBA in place, this option became a topic of debate. With the new NHL salary cap, the Maple Leafs deemed Nolan's salary too high, and refuse to recognize Nolan as under contract. Nolan argued that the option was valid, that he would play, and be paid, for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and that he deserved to be paid during the 2004–2005 NHL lockout due to injury. The Maple Leafs, who deemed Nolan as healthy just after the lockout, claimed that the injury was incurred off the ice and refused to pay Nolan's desired US$12 million. The case went to an arbitrator. This case was settled in late 2006, however, the terms of the agreement by Leafs management and Nolan were not disclosed.


-From there, he played one season in Phoenix, one season in Calgary, then Minnesota signed him to a 2-year $5.5 million deal in July of 2008. A sweet goal from Nolan as a Wild player:

How about all 25 goals that Nolan scored for the Wild in the 2008-09 season?

Last summer no team took a chance on him and he played 24 games for Zurich in Swiss League last season.

-Any guy that makes Jimmy Howard look stupid is cool in my books.

-According to Hockey Nolan was been in 78 career fights at the NHL level, including preseason. According to voters on that site, the tough Irishman is 7-2-1 in his last 10 fights dating back to the 2008-09 season.

A couple good Nolan fights: Nolan vs Steve "El" Montador (2010):

Nolan vs Barret Jackman (2006):

-Nolan beats the piss out of Cale Hulse.

-This Nolan vs Shayne Corson fight is a beauty.

-I don't know what Steve Webb did to Owen, but the Irishman unleashes hell on him.

-5 NHL All Star Game Appearances.

-2 seasons scoring more than 40 goals but that was a looooooooong time ago.

-More advanced stats on Nolan at Canucks Army.

-Nolan tweeted today:

excited to be heading to Van. thats all i wanted was a chance to show what ive got left. if they dont like it, i can live with that.


-What else about Owen Nolan...hmmm...oh wait....