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Top Line Assault on Club Records

The trio of Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin and Alexandre Burrows have not only been Vancouver's top scoring line for the past three seasons, but all have played every one of their combined 2,039 NHL games for this franchise. I don't know if that's rare for some other teams, but it's fairly unique in our neck of the universe.

So it's not surprising that these three - mostly the Sedins in the wake of their Art Ross destruction path - have already cemented their name in many of the club's records; for example they rank as the top three (in order Hank, Dank and Burr) for the franchise best +/- by a comfortable margin. Heading into the 2011-2012 campaign, here is what's within reach for each player.

Henrik Sedin
- Needs 74 games to tie Markus Naslund for 3rd most games played (884).
- Needs seven points to pass Stan Smyl for 3rd most points (673).
- Needs 15 even strength goals to pass Don Lever as the 8th highest even strength goal scorer (130).
- Needs three game winning goals to tie Tony Tanti for 6th best (29), four more to tie Brendan Morrison for 5th (30), six more to catch Pavel Bure at 4th (32) and seven game winners to be even with Trevor Linden for 4th (33).
- Needs 79 shots to tie Todd Bertuzzi for 9th highest (1289).

Daniel Sedin
- Needs 23 games to tie brother Henrik for 4th most games played (810).
- Needs eight assists to tie Naslund for 4th highest in assists (410), nine assists to tie Smyl for 3rd (411) and 13 assists to tie Linden for 2nd (415).
- Needs one goal to tie Tanti for fifth highest goal scorer (250), six to tie Bure for 4th best (254) and 13 goals to tie Smyl for 3rd best (262).
- Needs five even strength goals to pass Bure for 4th most even strength markers (161) and 19 even strength tallies to tie Smyl for 3rd best (175)
- Needs four power play goals to tie Linden for 3rd highest (97) and nine more to catch Tanti for 2nd best (102).
- Needs 14 points to catch brother Henrik for 4th most points (666) and 21 to pass Smyl for 3rd most (673).
- Needs 252 shots to tie Linden for 2nd highest (2246).

Alex Burrows
- Needs one goal to tie Cliff Ronning for 20th highest (112), nine to tie Darcy Rota for 19th (120), 10 to tie Andre Boudrias (121) and 20 goals to pull even with Ryan Kesler at 18th (131).
- Needs three points to tie both James Sandlak and Richard Blight at 29th highest (221), nine to tie Rick Lanz at 28th (227), 16 to be even with Ed Jovanovski at 27th (234), 18 to tie Rota at 26th (236) and finally 28 points to tie Geoff Courtnall at 25th (246).
- Needs one more shorthanded goal to tie Linden for 2nd highest (15).
- Needs 49 PIMs to tie Linden for 11th highest (730).

Pretty impressive stuff all around. Unless injuries come along, the twins will mostly certainly be ranked the top two players in most offensive records by the middle of the decade. I won't bother looping in Roberto Luongo, but suffice it to say if he hangs around for the life of his deal he'll likely own most of the goaltending records to boot. So in case you needed another reminder you're watching a handful of talented individuals who are setting the bar for players far, far down the road. Perhaps some of you new parents in the crowd will get to explain to the kids one day you saw all of them play at once (Zanstorm I'm staring in your general direction).