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And Boom Goes The Dynamite (Wednesday Links)

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YES. The moment many of you (read: two) have been waiting for. It's the debut of the Stanchion. Yes, yes, it is I, the Stanchion, the one who passed the puck to Kevin Bieksa for the game winning goal against the Sharks in the Western Finals. Remember the feeling you had when you saw that goal go in? Do you remember the raw emotion coursing through your body as you fist pumped in the air and gave a bro hug to that slightly smelly guy sitting beside you? Well get ready because none of my posts will elicit that reaction. But I WILL talk about that goal ALL THE TIME and take full credit for it. Because quite frankly, I have loose morals. MY BROTHER ALMOST KILLED MAX PACIORETTY.

With that being said, it's almost September, it's time to ramp up the Canucks and hockey news as we approach training camp! Here are the daily happenings in the world of hockey! Also as a disclaimer, I like to make up player quotes for fun, so anything I quote below was unequivocally NOT said by the player in question.

Vancouver Canucks:

  • Tony Gallagher goes out on a limb and says Hodgson might be in the Canucks future plans. Also, apparently Claude Lemieux has been helping Cody Hodgson train; Which I assume means he is teaching the subtle art of the cross check to the face "Ze trick eez to take out trois teeth, not two" [The Province]
  • Mike Gillis pledges to honor the memory of Rick Rypien by helping bring awareness to the disease of depression [The Vancouver Sun]
  • Rick Rypien's passing hit home for ex-Canuck Russ Courtnall, who also battled depression during his career [Edmonton Journal]
  • Ever wanted to see the Canucks in cartoon format? I have no idea what's going on here, but that didn't stop Glee from becoming popular, so check it out [Deviant Art]
  • Remember Steve Anthony? Canucks prospect? The 1288228th next Todd Bertuzzi in the NHL farm system? Go read an update on him and find out how his stock rose last year (Hint: It involves playing for a dominant team) [Canucks Army]
  • Chicago's top 10 MUST SEE GAMES of next season have the Canucks not being the number one must see game. Why you ask? Because they can't let us win anything. Jerks. [Bleacher Report]

News and notes from around the NHL:

  • Ever thought to yourself "Man, I like Powerade and Gatorade, but they don't sound cool enough for me to drink." Well now is your chance to shine my friends as BIOSTEEL takes the NHL by storm. "If it had steroids in it, I'd drink it!" happily exclaims Barry Bonds [Globe and Mail]
  • Chris Mason shows off his new Jets goalie mask. "To be honest, I saved a lot of money by making it out of balsa wood. You see, because I won't get much playing time so it doesn't need to be sturdy. Because I'm a terrible goalie." explained Mason before beginning to gently weep. [CBC Sports]
  • NHL 12 demo is now out! Highlights of the demo include a button to punch Daniel Sedin 6 times in the face (But no more as that wouldn't be sporting), a button to make Thomas flop out of his net but have 5 players fill the net to cover for him, and the ability to cry as you see Raffi Torres one last time on the Vancouver Canucks. Press the LB button to suspend any Canuck, pump X repeatedly to add games to the suspension. I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU RAFFI   [EA Sports]

The Throwaway Link O' the Day:




And since it's my debut post, and it's Wednesday, to get you over the hump, you may all revel in the beauty known as "The Bounce" . VS was pretty good at calling it my pass, so kudos to you guys.


Kevin Bieksa 2OT game-winner, series clincher (VS) 5/24/11 (via NHLVideo)