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A Bit Of...Tofino!

OK, sure..I'm in.
OK, sure..I'm in.

Ah...sitting on a sun deck at night watching the moon glowing off the Pacific Ocean at the crazy cool Crab Inn here in Tofino British Columbia taking in whatever summer is left. And also flicking on the internet after a couple days of absence. I picked up a hitchhiker near Ucluelet tonight. He needed a ride to his home near Long Beach. We discussed the pains of the playoffs and Rypien's death. He told me he met Willie Mitchell last summer, as Big Willie holds fishing "derbies" here during the summer. I was immediately jealous. Mitch may play for the Kings, but I sure loved him in a Canucks uni far better.

Anyway, there is a lot going on around the NHL lately and I thought I'd pass on some links....

  • Thanks to Kieran gunn for putting up a Fan Post here linking to a post at Canucks Army about the media knee-jerking over causes of death from NHL fighters/goons. A great post that I think you should read so you don't get sucked into the bullshit. Twitchy was all over this beforehand and for that I commend him. Honestly, I have found some "zen" out here in Tofino. My family struggles with depression as do I. There have been suicides. But the victims didn't fall off their bikes and hit their heads too hard, I'll tell you that right now. OK I DID but it isn't a factor in depression. No, it's genetic, hereditary or brought on by some unfortunate tragedy that has been instilled upon us at a younger age. My thoughts on Rick Rypien's story are not with the Rypper but on those left behind. To those closest to him: mourn in whatever way suits you best and please take the positives/learn from this experience. 
  • What's up with that goal net pic? Well, that is what we most likely will be seeing this coming season, You can see the dimensions of the net have changed, providing more room behind the net for fiends like Joe Thornton and heroes like Hank. The netting will be thinner for better viewing, a high def camera installed and that 3" line behind the goal crease to ensure the powers that be that the puck has indeed crossed the line to indicate a goal. Another big change that will most likely be employed? Turnbuckle death. See TSN for more on that. I am surprised that the no-touch icing and re-invented OT are not shoe-ins already. Whatever. Feel free to discuss that more in the comments section.
  • Roberto Luongo headed to the Italian Walk Of Fame? Ok sure, I lifted that off of CDC. Also joining Lu are "Pooch" and "Fatty".  And speaking of Luongo, he regrets the comments he made about Tim Thomas' goaltending style in the Finals. Wow. First he is made captain of the team and has that label removed largely in part to media pressure yadda yadda and then that 2011 Finals blooper.....maybe he should never have a mic in front of him again until the ultimate victory is achieved. Seriously.
  • In other NHL news: former Capitals player Matt Bradley had no problem calling out Alexander Semin, saying "he doesn't care". Why is this not surprising?
  • Kings' superstar D-man Drew Doughty says there is "no rush" with an impending deal between him and the Kings. Luke Schenn is saying the same thing in Toronto. No rush. Training Camp is in a a few weeks. RFA contract negotiations can exceed that.
  • The Red Wings have invited Fabian Brunnstrom to a tryout contract, according to Now who will do the same for Michael Nylander? Answer: the New York Islanders because they are dumb enough.
  • On Michael Leighton, Sergei Bobrovsky and Trent Hunter...(Spector's Hockey) Yes, these are the dog days of summer.
  • Sean Avery will not face charges for shoving an LAPD officer mostly because reportedly a "shove" did not happen. YAWN
  • Evander Kane will wear Bobby Hull's #9 this season. No problemo. Why? Because Hull himself gave the thumbs up AND....because Hull wore #9 when the Jets were in the WHA. Hyah! FAIL, WHA!
  • Enjoy your weekend, peeps! Here's what I'll be looking at:
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