The Elephant In The Room


t seems to me that when sports meets a real world issue, sports journalists become experts of that issue instead of the sports specialist that these guys were hired for. This summer I have been listening to sports radio, reading blogs, and seeing some very shoddy journalism. I link to this article, written beautifully by Thomas Drance, as it shines a bright light on the real issue regarding Rick Rypien's death, mental health, and not his career choice as an enforcer. UPDATE: Listening to the Team 1040 today - and the link between these deaths is being made that these guys were fighters, and that if fighting was banned from the NHL that these guys would still be alive today. They should also look at the sad case of Tom Cavanagh who was not a fighter but took his life in Jan. 2011 after being diagnosed with mental illness. One caller who speculated that steroids might have been a factor in these players lives was dismissed and cut off before he could continue, because fighting had to be the focused on as the cause.