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Iced Coffee - Thursday, August 11



You bastards.  I had fully intended to take the summer away from all this.  But you draw me back in.  Jerks.  And let's face it, I need this.  While some of you (and this is not a knock on any of you, believe me) can't or won't talk about what happened, I have to.  Losing that game, in that series, to that team that way?  Absolutely devastating.  It hurts.  Yet unlike 1994, where I actually had to take some time away from the game to get over the loss to the Rangers, I am here and yeah, I am talking about this.  The healing process begins when you get all of the stuff you're holding inside out of your system.  Maybe being there helped me get a different perspective on things, besides the obvious.  After the jump, a look at why this isn't the end of the world.

Getting over a painful incident in your life often means taking a critical look at what happened.  There was no one reason the Canucks lost.  Instead, it was closer to a perfect storm that allowed the Bruins to win a series they had no business winning.  On paper this wasn't even close, the only advantage Boston had was a slight one in goal and a bit in the toughness department.  Throw in a ton of the Canucks best playing injured, Tim Thomas turning in a goaltending performance for the ages, and the mind-boggling NHL tendency to allow chaos and anarchy to reign on the ice after an 82 game schedule under lock-down, and a few players just not giving enough when they were needed the most and that my friends, adds up to a Stanley Cup finals loss.

I know it hurts like hell, but a quick show of hands: how many of you would rather we didn't make the final?  This team came up 1 game short for us.  You can't ask more of the team you support than to have the opportunity to win it all on home ice in a winner take all match.  And yes, it does cast a shadow on an otherwise incredible season by the Canucks.  I can't remember another filled with as much excitement and drama.  Unlike 1994 however, this run does not signal the beginning of another generation-long wait for a shot at Lord Stanley's chalice.  This team can and will be there when the smoke clears in June. 

I know all of you have your own speed to which you get back into the game.  Some of you don't really pay attention until the season starts in October, others are marking each day off their calendar in anticipation of rookie camp.  Either way, we still have a lot to look forward to.  We still have an incredibly talented defence.  The last two Art Ross Trophy winners, not to mention the latest Selke winner and some other very skilled forwards.  And the best 1-2 goaltending punch in the league.  This team is still very much a threat, and anyone who doesn't believe that doesn't know this game very well. 

A blueberry muffin...

I'm sorry, but I just have to say something.  And honestly, I laughed out loud when I read Dan Carcillo's comments.  I am not sure what's funnier: Carcillo's eagerness to take on members of the Canucks that are no longer on their roster, or the fact that there are still people who insist upon calling the Chicago Blackhawks classy?  Carcillo is just another addition to a lineup of players who are criminally underrated trash-talking cheapshot artists.  My suggestion to Dan (in addition to stop trying to grow that hideously creepy sex-offender mustache) would be to try and ensure he doesn't play his game too much, less he finds himself riding the press box express like he did during the Flyers most recent playoff run.  What a joy it will be this season to see Hawks fans try and defend this goon, then agonize over his lack of playing ability...


Old school thrash metal from the Pacific Northwest, Toxic Holocaust started out with frontman Joel Grind started unleashing demos of his pissed off thrash/punk out of Portland as a one man project.  The band has evolved into a 3 piece and are currently on tour, hitting Pogue Mahone's in Kamloops on September 1st.  Oh I so want to be there for that....