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Jeff Tambellini Signs In Switzerland / Quick Tambo Tribute

It had been floating around the internet for some time now that Tambo was heading to Europe but it looks to be official today. Tambellini will sign a 3-year deal with a team from Switzerland (ZSC Lions).

Just not consistent enough on the scoresheet at the NHL level, but the effort was there.His blazing speed was fun to watch. You hate to see a guy leave that really wanted to make it as a Canuck after being a fan since he was 6. But Tambo just wasn't good enough. He did give us some great moments this past year. Some videos after the jump...

This back check against Martin Erat in Round 2 was outstanding:

Tambo's first goal as a Canuck:

Tambo gets to be a part of some Sedinery:



He scored his final goal 2 nights later against the Flyers, December 28, 2010:

Yeah that's too long without scoring. Here is his game-by-game stats for the Canucks via ESPN. Thanks for your efforts, Tambo! Best of luck in Switzerland!