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Early Look At NHL 12

OK, I'm stoked. More hits. Helmets flying off. Knocking guys into the bench. Shattering glass. Running goalies. Goalies fighting. The Winter Classic. Enhanced stats. Fighting for control in front of the net. NHL 11 still blows my mind and is easily my favorite of the series. So it didn't need an overhaul obviously. These new changes look to make the experience even long as some of the changes (ie: breaking the glass) don't happen too often as it would disrupt game play too much. What intrigues me the most is the interference with the goaltender. If you hit him hard enough you're gonna get penalized. A guy from the other team is also going to come at you.

Ixnay on the "That was a great play because of....ANTICIPATION", please. 4 things that I wanted to see in NHL 12 were: 1. goalie interference. 2. longer fights. 3. increased in-game stats. 4. When you win the Cup it goes to an optional first person view and you raise the cup and skate around the rink with it. I got 2 out of 4. Not bad. How about you? What are you seeing from NHL 12 that has you pumped? Concerned? What are your dream changes to the game?

More videos and info for NHL 12 at the EA Sports site. Also at IGN. Release date is September 13.