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A Bit Of A Clear Picture

With July winding to a close there's only one month remaining before we pick it up all over again. With Hansen signing yesterday, the forward lines for opening night become a bit more clear. Gillis has roughly three million left to spend and will presumably keep an eye out for a deal, but for now post what you think the lines should when the puck drops, with the biggest questions involved being who plays on the second and third lines along with where Ballard ends up.

Some news and notes for your Friday:

  • Fun with Google Translation tells us Hansen doesn't mind playing "outnumbered". [DR.DK Forsiden]
  • How about Hansen skating with the Sedins? [Canucks Army]
  • MacTavish is finally set to take over the helm for the Wolves. [Edmonton Journal]
  • ...but will MacT pose a threat to Vigneault? [White Towel]
  • ...and did you know the alternative definition of THE Craig MacTavish? Sorta NSFW. [Urban Dictionary]
  • Vancouver and Phoenix have swapped home games. No one seems to care. [ProHockeyTalk]
  • I don't put much faith in these, but Edler and Hamhuis made the top 25 defensemen list. [Puck Daddy]
  • After only one playoff meeting, take a guess who is considered to be the second biggest rival for the San Jose Sharks? [The Examiner]
  • If you remember goaltender Steve Weeks - who played for Vancouver in the late 80's and early 90's - you'll be happy to know he's being considered for the coaching gig for he ECHL Gwinnett Gladiators. [AccessNorthGA]
  • Rumor: The NHL 12 demo that is coming out will feature only two teams: Canucks & Bruins. [PS3Blog]
  • Stats: Does Qualcomp still matter? (Spoiler Alert: Yes). [Arctic Hockey]
  • Off topic: Apple has more money on hand than the American government. Sigh. [Business Insider]
  • Off topic: what pure happiness looks like. [imgur]