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Waiting Out Jannik Hansen's Arbitration (UPDATE: SIGNED!)

Update: According to Nick Kypreos on Twitter, the Canucks and Hansen have agreed to a 3-year contract. It breaks down like this:  $4.05 million over three years: Year 1:$1.6M , Year 2: $1.35M, Year 3: $1.1 M. Wow. A $1.35 cap hit per season! That is The Great Dane taking a fair bit less (than what he would have gotten in arbitration) to play here. Amazing stuff.

Mike Gillis has roughly $4.6 million in cap space left to find the elusive top six winger he's wanted since Game 7 of the Finals (I know, too soon to it that up). The few dollars he's had to work so far with have almost all gone towards retaining the assets he needs: Bieksa, Higgins and Lapierre while losing Ehrhoff, Glass, Rypien and someone named Bolduc. His list of signings this summer - Sturm, Mancari, Ebbett, Pinizzotto, Duco and Bitz - isn't nearly as fun to discuss as last summer's.

The final hold out is your favorite Danish player not named Nicklas Jensen who is scheduled to have his second straight arbitration hearing tomorrow.

Via the Sun:

Gilman, who is in Toronto preparing for Friday's hearing, would not say how likely he feels it is the two sides could reach a deal before the hearing.

"We have had continuous dialogue with Jannik's representative, but that is as far as I'll go," Gilman said.


Stowe did not return messages Tuesday, but there is no doubt Hansen is seeking to at least double his salary.


Gilman said the Canucks spend countless hours preparing their case and try to present it in a professional way. "With respect to the process itself I think in our tenure here the last couple of years we have demonstrated in the briefs we have written and in the hearings that we have been professional and respectful in the manner in which we've presented our cases."

There remains some optimism - especially in light of yesterday's Ryan Callahan signing before his arbitration hearing - that both sides may find some common ground before tomorrow's deadline. The Canucks did just that with Mason Raymond last year.

If not Hansen is looking at a sizable raise from $825,000 salary last year. He played every regular season game and had a career high in assists, points, +/- and TOI. He added nine points during the playoff run. 

Depending on what happens with Hansen's contract should clarify what - if any - final moves Gillis can make on the open market heading into training camp in seven weeks.

We'll keep this post updated with the latest Dank news as it dribbles through.