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I Can Feel Your Anger: Which Team Do You Hate?

I am going to steal this idea from On The Forecheck, where Dirk Hoag asked Nashville Predators fans which team they hated the most. Naturally, in the poll, they hate our Canucks the most. Yeah, we're divers and whiners etc etc but as a friend of mine always says: let's put the moose on the table: THEY HATE US BECAUSE WE ELIMINATED THEM FROM THE PLAYOFFS. Deep down it's the truth, generally speaking. Nobody likes a team that bounces them from their trip to glory. Well, it is like I said: "Generally speaking". Do I hate the Bruins? Nope. Perhaps I should given the circumstances but it is not the case. F*** it. You wanna know who I hate? The Penguins, Blackhawks and Red Wings. Pretty much in that order...

When the Red Wings played the Penguins 2 years straight a couple of years ago I found myself shamefully cheering for the Wings. Why? Because I hate the Penguins the most. Always have. Always will. It's mostly the Penguins of yore that draw my ire. Mario Lemieux. Larry Murphy. Ulf Samuelsson. Tom Barrasso. Jaromir Jagr. Evgeni Malkin. Sidney (thanks for the golden goal but f**k you) Crosby. Wow, people hate the current Canucks for diving.....the Penguins' past is littered with it. Make no mistake, I am not cool with the Canucks' diving either. However the dirty stuff..the slashing and crosschecks blah blah..that is playoff hockey and I don't give a sh**. I still love our dirty players/divers, but hate the other teams that do it. It is what it is.

I am so proud of the Canucks for avoiding a complete meltdown and beating the Hawks in 7 in the 2011 Playoffs. It was a bitter series, as were the 2 previous ones against Chi-Town, so there is no love there. It is a rivalry that is not only a beautiful thing, but will also not soon go away. Believe me, Chicago sports writers and fans will not let this one die. Nor will we. Nor will the players. It's a strange transformation for me because I was always a Hawks supporter all the way up to 1992 or so. Tony Esposito is still one of my fave goalies. I love the legends of Stan Makita, Espo, Dirk Graham, Steve Larmer, etc. But the current squad can pound sand. Yay rivalry!

The reason why I hate the Red Wings is mostly (gag gag gag) out of respect. Respect for a team that was so dominant for so long. A team that killed the Canucks in the 2002 Playoffs after Niklas Lidstrom scored from center ice on Dan Cloutier to turn the tide of the series. ACK. Those b***ards loaded up on the talent with no regard to $$$ spent prior to the lockout and dominated. I hated that. They employed Brett Hull. I hated that too. Too good for too long. Really that's where my hate comes from. And the rivalry remains.

That's my quick take. What's yours? What team(s) do you hate and why? Vote for your most-hated in the poll and discuss in the comments thread.