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Free Agency Madness Day 2 Open Thread


Image from Fox News.

TSN expects UFA Brad Richards to make a decision on what team to play for on Saturday. TSN also reports that Calgary has made him a legit offer. Rangers sign Brad Richards to a 9-year, $60 million deal this morning.

A look at the Western and Eastern Free Agents lists shows there are still some "big" names out there. Nobody wants Jamie Langenbrunner? Ian White? Anton Babchuk? Tomas Kaberle? Simon Gagne? Shane O'Brien? (Kidding). Some of the names on the RFA lists are noteworthy as well. Many of them will become UFA's in coming days.

I am not keeping track of all the signings today. We can discuss moves in the comments section, and of course any Canucks movement will be front-paged. Enjoy!