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Stanley Cup Drive Goal Chart - Round Two

One of Vancouver's past criticisms was they could never get past the second round of the playoffs, but this year they managed to do just that by beating the Predators at their own game: stingy goaltending, responsible defense and some timely offense primarily from the KesLord (who stepped in for the "seriously I'm not injured" Henrik Sedin).

After the jump is the goal chart for the second round, showing how Vancouver solved Rinne, where Nashville scored on Luongo the most and a quick reminder that all pending UFA wingers should follow Ward's example.

Using ESPN, and CBS Sportsline, here is the (approximate) goal chart for second round; Canucks' goals are plotted on the left, Preds' on the right. 


[Click to view larger image]

How Vancouver scored, including the type of shot and the distance (as tabulated by ESPN; NHL and CBS had slightly different records). You can sort the columns by clicking on the header.


Distance (ft)
Wrist 20
Wrist 9.5
Wrist 3.8
Kesler Tip 8
Wrist 32.6
Slap 47
Snap 45.7
H. Sedin
Wrist 45.8
Wrist 25.5
Kesler Wrist 51.5
Deflection 18
Kesler Deflection 10.8
D. Sedin
Wrist 4.1
Backhand 6.8


Here's the Nashville scores, including the location they beat Luongo. Hey no Schneider this round, that's a win.

Distance (ft)
Wrist 18.4
lower left
Wrist 21.3 upper right
Legwand Wrist 17 lower right
Ward Wrap 7
lower right
Ward Wrist 3 lower right
Franson Slap 49 five hole
Ward Snap 35.5 upper left
Legwand Wrist 20 upper left
Ward Wrist 17.1 upper right
Legwand Wrist 4.5 upper left
Legwand Wrist 11 lower right


Some takeaways:

  • Same as the first round Vancouver has nine scorers. Nashville had five.
  • The majority of Vancouver's goals (57%) came from wrist shots at an average of 24.1 ft. 
  • 72% of Nashville's goals were also wristers at an average of 14 ft.
  • 14.2% of Vancouver's goals were from defensemen; Nashville had one blueline goal from Franson (9%) which, if you recall, disappeared on everyone.
  • Nashville beat Luongo primarily low gloveside (36%) and high stickside (27%).
  • Not to be ignored was probably the slickest goal Vancouver had during their Cup stretch. Also not to be ignored was one of the D men being schooled here is now the pride and joy of the Avalanche's blueline. Just sayin'.
  • Also not to be ignored is that X behind Luongo. That isn't a mistake.
  • If you're a pending UFA winger in a playoff series against Luongo and want to cash out that summer (say four years and $12 million dollars) I recommend keeping Joel Ward on speed dial.
  • In contrast with the first round against Chicago, Vancouver didn't hand over the 30 feet in front of their own crease. Granted Nashville doesn't have a similar offensive depth (and their PP was non-existant along with guys like Erat and Fisher who disappeared) but Vancouver deserves credit for finding a far more responsible defensive mindset. A handful of Nashville's goals were also of the clown horn variety (Suter's especially) which also became pure Luongo hate fuel.