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History Of Canucks Trades And Signings: 1970 - Present

OK, I have compiled a list of the Canucks' transactions and many of their signing since their inception into the NHL in 1970. I used my old NHL Trades History site and ESPN for reference. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave any questions and corrections in the comments section.Please help me out and provide links to prove any corrections. Let's make this the best Canucks transaction history post out there to provide you the fans with the information to pull your hair out, get a good laugh, or even win $$$ in a bet with your buddy!

May 1970: To Toronto: Brad Selwood and Rene Robert (they had Robert when they were in the WHL)
To Vancouver (WHL): cash

June 1970: To Vancouver: Andre Boudrias
To St. Louis: cash

August 1970: To Vancouver (WHL): Andre Hinse
To Toronto: Pat Hannigan and Ted McCaskill

November 1970: Vancouver claimed Dan Seguin off waivers from Minnesota

December 1970: To St. Louis: John Arbour
To Vancouver: cash

February 1971: 9 - Seattle(WHL) traded Bobby Schmautz to Vancouver for Ed Hatoum and Jim Wiste.

June 1971: Vancouver received Fred Speck from Detroit in Intra-League draft.

Vancouver received Dennis Kearns from Chicago in Intra-League draft.

Vancouver traded Bob Dillbough and Irv Spencer to Detroit for John Cunniff and Gary Bredin.

September 1971: Vancouver signed Barry Wilcox as a FA.

Vancouver traded Rey Comeau to Montreal Canadiens for cash.

October 1971: Pittsburgh traded Bob Blackburn to Vancouver for cash.

November 1971: Vancouver signed Dave Dunn as a FA.

New York Rangers traded Wayne Connelly, Ron Stewart and

Dave Balon to Vancouver for Jim Wiste and Gary Doak.

Vancouver traded Bob Cook to Detroit for cash.

Los Angeles received Mike Corrigan from Vancouver on waivers.
Detroit received Danny Johnson from Vancouver on waivers.

February 1972: Chicago traded Bruce Bullock to Vancouver for cash.

March 1972: Vancouver traded Ron Stewart to New York Rangers for cash.

Vancouver traded Ralph Stewart to Detroit to Jim Niekamp.

June 1972: Vancouver received Garry O'Flaherty from Toronto in Intra-League draft.

February 1973: Vancouver received Jim Mair from New York Islanders on waivers.

May 1973: Vancouver traded Dale Tallon to Chicago for Jerry Korab and Gary Smith.

Toronto traded Murray Heatley and Larry McIntyre to Vancouver for Dunc Wilson.

June 1973: St.Louis traded Mike Lampman to Vancouver for John Wright.

Vancouver received Jacques Caron from St.Louis in Intra-League draft.

October 1973: Vancouver signed Larry Gould as a FA.

December 1973: Vancouver traded John Wright to St.Louis for Mike Lampman.

Buffalo traded Tracy Pratt and John Gould to Vancouver for Jerry Korab.

February 1974: Vancouver traded Bobby Schmautz to Boston for Fred O'Donnell, Mike Walton and Chris Oddleifsson.

June 1974: Vancouver traded Barry Wilkins to Pittsburgh for Ab Demarco Jr.

Vancouver received Jim Wiley from Pittsburgh in Intra-League draft.

August 1974: Baltimore (AHL) traded Ken Lockett to Vancouver for cash.

September 1974: Vancouver traded Jacques Caron to Buffalo for future considerations.

October 1974: Atlanta traded Leon Rochefort to Vancouver for cash.

Vancouver traded Bryan McSheffrey and Jocelyn Guevremont to Buffalo for Mike Robitaille and Gerry Meehan.

Toronto traded Garry Monahan and John Grisdale to Vancouver for Dave Dunn.

March 1975: Vancouver traded Gerry Meehan to Atlanta for Bob J. Murray.

January 1976: Vancouver traded Ab Demarco Jr. to Los Angeles for Kings' 2nd r/p in 1977 Amateur draft.

August 1976: Minnesota traded Cesar Maniago to Vancouver for Gary Smith.

October 1976: Vancouver traded Dan Seguin to Rhode Island (AHL) for cash.

Vancouver traded Ralph Stewart to New York Islanders for Dave Fortier.

December 1976: Atlanta traded Hilliard Graves and Larry Carriere to Vancouver for John Gould and LA Kings' 2nd r/p, Brian Hill, in 1977 .

January 1977: Vancouver traded Bob Dailey to Philadelphia for Jack McIlhargey and Larry Goodenough.
Atlanta traded Curt Ridley to Vancouver for Canucks' 1st round pick, Dave Shand, in 1976 Amateur Draft.

November 1977: Chicago traded Pit Martin to Vancouver for Murray Bannerman.

Vancouver traded Larry Carriere to Los Angeles for Sheldon Kannegiesser.

January 1978: To Vancouver: Claire Alexander
To Toronto: cash

May 1978: Vancouver signed Gary Bromley as a FA

June 1978: Vancouver signed Lars Lindgren and Lars Zetterstrom as FA's

Vancouver signed Roland Eriksson as a FA

To St. Louis: Mike Walton
To Vancouver: draft pick in 1978 (Harold Luckner)

To Vancouver: Thomas Gradin
To Chicago: 2nd round pick in 1980 (Steve Ludzik)

September 1978: To Toronto: Garry Monohan
To Vanvouver: cash

November 1978: To Vancouver: Dunc Wilson
To Pittsburgh: cash

December 1978: To Philadelphia: Dennis Ververgaert
To Vancouver: Kevin McCarthy and Drew Callander

To Los Angeles: Randy Holt
To Vancouver: Don Kozak

September 1979: Vancouver signed Greg Hubick as a FA

Vancouver signed Gary Lupul as a FA

November 1979: To Vancouver: Bruce Affleck and Gord Buynak
To St. Louis: cash

December 1979: To Vancouver: Per Olov Brasar
To Minnesota: 2nd round pick in 1981 (Mike Sands)

To Chicago: Ron Sedlbauer
To Vancouver: Dave Logan and Harold Phillipoff

January 1980: To Philadelphia: Jack McIlhargey
To Vancouver: cash

To Vancouver: Kris Manery
To Minnesota: 2nd round pick in 1982

February 1980: To Vancouver: Darcy Rota and Ivan Boldirev
To Atlanta: Don Lever and Brad Smith

To Toronto: Curt Ridley
To Vancouver: cash

To Vancouver: Dave Williams and Jerry Butler
To Toronto: Rick Vaive and Bill Derlago

Winnipeg claimed Kris Manery off waivers from Vancouver

March 1980: Vancouver signed Kevin Primeau as a FA

September 1980: Vancouver signed Joe McDonnell as a FA

October 1980: Vancouver signed Bobby Schmautz as a FA

To Vancouver: Richard Brodeur and a 5th round pick in 1981 (Moe Lemay)
To Islanders: 5th round pick in 1981 (Jacques Sylvester)

Vancouver claimed Colin Campbell off waivers from Edmonton

November 1980: To Rangers: Jere Gillis and Jeff bandura
To Vancouver: Mario Marois and Jim Mayer

December 1980: To Vancouver: Mike Christie
To Colorado: Jim Mayer

Edmonton claimed John Hughes off waivers from Vancouver

March 1981: To Vancouver: Doug Halward
To Los Angeles: 5th round pick in 1982 (Ulf Isaksson)

To Edmonton: Gary Lariviere and Lars Gunnar Petersson
To Vancouver: Blair MacDonald and Ken Berry

May 1981: Vancouver signed Lars Molin as a FA

July 1981: Vancouver traded Brent Ashton, and a 4th round pick in 1982 (Tom Martin) to Winnipeg as compensation for Canucks signing Ivan Hlinka

Vancouver received Jiri Bubla from Colorado as part of the Brent Ashton trade

October 1981: Vancouver claimed Ron Delorme from Colorado in the waiver draft

Vancouver signed Tim Coulis as a FA

March 1982: To Vancouver: Jim Nill, Tony Currie, Rick Heinz and a 4th round pick (Shawn Kilroy)
To St. Louis: Glen Hanlon

June 1982: To St. Louis: Rick Heinz
To Vancouver: cash

January 1983: To Chicago: Curt Fraser
To Vancouver: Tony Tanti

To Detroit: Ivan Boldirev
To Vancouver: Mark Kirton

February 1983: To Vancouver: John Garrett
To Quebec: Anders Eldebrink

September 1983: Vancouver signed Jere Gillis as a FA

October 1983: To Minnesota: Lars Lindgren
To Vancouver: 3rd round pick in 1984 (Landis Chaulk)

Vancouver signed Dave Morrison as a FA

January 1984: To Pittsburgh: Kevin McCarthy
To Vancouver: Flyers' 3rd round pick in 1984 Draft

February 1984: To Vancouver: Peter McNab
To Boston: Jim Nill

June 1984: To Vancouver: Al MacAdam
To Minnesota: Harold Sneptsts

Vancouver signed Craig Coxe as a FA

March 1985: To Vancouver: Glen Cochrane
To Philadelphia: 3rd round pick in 1986

May 1985: Vancouver signed Dale Dunbar as a FA

August 1985: Vancouver signed Steve Tambellini as a FA

October 1985: Vancouver claimed Brent Peterson off waivers from Buffalo

April 1986: Vancouver signed John Leblanc as a FA

June 1986: To Vancouver: Barry Pederson
To Boston: Cam Neeley and a 1st round pick in 1987 (Glen Wesley)

To Philadelphia: J.J. Daigneault, 2nd round pick in 1986 (Kent Hawley), and a 5th round pick in 1987
To Vancouver: Dave Richter, Rich Sutter and a 3rd round pick in 1986 (Don Gibson)

Vancouver signed Robin Bartel as a FA

September 1986: Canucks received David Gourlie in the Supplemental Draft.

October 1986: To Vancouver: Brad Maxwell
To Toronto: 5th round pick in 1988

November 1986: To Detroit: Doug Halward
To Vancouver: 3rd round pick in 1988

December 1986: To Vancouver: Jim Benning and Dan Hodgson
To Toronto: Rick Lanz

To Edmonton: Stu Kulak
To Vancouver: cash

January 1987: Rangers claimed Brad Maxwell off waivers from Vancouver

March 1987: Vancouver signed Craig Levie and Chris Felix as FA's

June 1987: Vancouver signed Claude Vilgrain as a FA

July 1987: Vancouver signed Ian Kidd as a FA

August 1987: To Vancouver: Daryl Stanley and Darren Jensen
To Philadelphia: Wendell Young and a 3rd round pick in 1990

September 1987: To Vancouver: Greg Adams and Kirk McLean
To New Jersey: Patrick Sundstrom and a 4th round pick in 1988 (Matt Ruchty)

October 1987: Waiver Draft: Vancouver: Randy Boyd (from Islanders)
Vancouver: Doug Wickenheiser (from St. Louis)

To Boston: Mike Stevens
To Vancouver: cash

November 1987: To Vancouver: Larry Melnyk and Wilie Huber
To Rangers: Michel Petit

March 1988: To Philadelphia: Willie Huber
To Vancouver: Paul Lawless and Canucks' 5th round pick in 1989 (previously acquired)

Vancouver signed Ken Berry as a FA

To Vancouver: Brian Bradley and Peter Bakovic
To Calgary: Craig Coxe

To Hartford: Richard Brodeur
To Vancouver: Steve Weeks

May 1988: To Vancouver: Kevan Guy
To Calgary: cash

June 1988: Supplemental Draft: Vancouver picks Steve McKichan

September 1988: To Vancouver: Paul Reinhart and Steve Bozek
To Calgary: 3rd round pick in 1989 (Pekka Kautonen)

To Vancouver: Robert Nordmark
To St. Louis: Dave Richter and a 4th round pick in 1990

To St. Louis: Dave Lowry
To Vancouver: Ernie Vargas

October 1988 Waiver Draft: Vancouver: Behn Wilson (from Chicago)
Vancouver: Risto Siltanen (from Quebec)

January 1989: To Vancouver: Jose Charbonneau
To Montreal: Dan Woodley

February 1989: To Vancouver: Jamie Husgen
To Winnipeg: futures

To Toronto: Paul Lawless
To Vancouver: Peter Deboer

March 1989: To Vancouver: Tim Lenardon
To New Jersey: Claude Vilgrain

To Vancouver: Doug Smith and Greg Adams
To Edmonton: John Leblanc and a 5th round pick in 1989 (Peter White)

June 1989: To Boston: Frank Caprice
To Vancouver: 12th round pick in 1989 (Jan Bergman)

October 1989 Waiver Draft: Vancouver: Craig Coxe (from Chicago)

To Vancouver: Rod Buskas
To Pittsburgh: 6th round pick in 1990 (Ian Moran)

January 1990: To Vancouver: Dan Quinn, Andrew McBain, and Dave Capuano
To Pittsburgh: Barry Pederson, Tony Tanti and Rod Buskas

February 1990: To Pittsburgh: Doug Smith
To Vancouver: cash

March 1990: To Vancouver: Adrien Plavsic, Montreal's 1st round pick (prev. acquired) and Blues' 2nd round pick
To St. Louis: Harold Snepsts, Rich Sutter, and a 2nd round pick

To Vancouver: Jyki Lumme
To Montreal: Blues' 2nd round pick in 1991 (prev. acquired)

April 1990: Vancouver signed Cam Brown as a FA

June 1990 Supplemental Draft: Vancouver: Paul Dukovac, Vancouver: Norm Krumpshmid

September 1990: To Vancouver: Dave Mackey
To Minnesota: futures

October 1990 Waiver Draft: Vancouver claimed Randy Gregg off waivers from Edmonton

January 1991: To Vancouver: Tom Kurvers
To Toronto: Brian Bradley

To Vancouver: Gerald Diduck
To Montreal: 4th round pick in 1991 (Vladimir Vujtek)

To Boston: Petri Skriko
To Vancouver: 2nd round pick in 1992 (Mike Peca)

To Vancouver: Brian Blad
To Toronto: Todd Hawkins

March 1991: To Buffalo: Steve Weeks
To Vancouver: cash and future considerations

To Vancouver: Geoff Courtnall, Cliff Ronning, Sergio Momesso, Robert Dirk and futures
To St. Louis: Dan Quinn and Garth Butcher. KACHING!

To Vancouver: Dana Murzyn
To Calgary: Ron Stern, Kevin Guy and future considerations

June 1991 Supplemental Draft: Vancouver: Scott Meehan

To Vancouver: Dave Babych
To Minnesota: Tom Kurvers

July 1991: 26- Vancouver signed Ryan Walter as a FA

To Vancouver: Robin Bawa
To Washington: cash

August 1991: Vancouver signed Paul Guay as a FA

December 1991: To Vancouver: Tom Fergus
To Toronto: cash

March 1992: San Jose traded Ken Hammond to Vancouver for Canucks' 8th round pick, C.J. Denomme, in 1992 Entry Draft - later traded to Detroit.

September 1992: Vancouver signed Rick Vaive a s a free agent.

October 1992: Vancouver traded Corrie D'Alessio and future considerations to Hartford for Kay Whitmore.

(Waiver Draft: San Jose received Igor Larinov from Vancouver. Damn.)

Vancouver signed Stephane Morin as a free agent.

November 1992: Tampa Bay traded Anatoli Semenov to Vancouver for Dave Capuano and Canucks' 4th round pick in 1994 Entry Draft.

January 1993: To Vancouver: Tim Taylor
To Washington: Eric Murano

February 1993: Vancouver claimed Tim Hunter off waivers from Quebec

March 1993: To Vancouver: Dan Ratushny
To Winnipeg: 9th round pick in 1993

To Vancouver: Murray Craven and Canucks' 5th round pick in 1993 (prev. acquired)

To Hartford: Robert Kron, 3rd round pick in 1993 (Marek Malik) and futures. Jim Sandlak was included in the deal days later.

June 1993: To Vancouver: John Vanbiesbrouck
To Rangers: futures (Doug Lidster)

October 1993: Vancouver signed Jose Charbonneau as a FA

Vancouver claimed John McIntyre off waivers from the Rangers

(Anaheim claimed Garry Valk off waivers from Vancouver)

January 1994: To Vancouver: Jimmy Carson
To Los Angeles: Dixon Ward and a cond. pick in 1995

Vancouver claimed Martin Gelinas off waivers from Quebec.

February 1994: Vancouver received Brian Glynn from Ottawa on waivers

March 1994: To St. Louis: Craig Janney
To Vancouver: Brett Hedican, Jeff Brown and Nathan Lafayette

To Chicago: Robert Dirk
To Vancouver: 4th round pick in 1994 (Mike Dubinsky)

May 1994: Vancouver signed Lonny Bohonos as a FA

June 1994: To Vancouver: Artur Oktyabrev
To Winnipeg: 6th round pick in 1994 (Steve Vezina)

January 1995: Vancouver signed Gary Leeman as a FA

February 1995: To Vancouver: Josef Beranek
To Philadelphia: Shawn Antoski

March 1995: To Vancouver: Christian Ruutu
To Chicago: Murray Craven

To Tampa Bay: Adrien Plavsic
To Vancouver: 5th round pick in 1997

April 1995: To Vancouver: Russ Courtnall
To Dallas: Greg Adams, Dan Kesa, and 5th round pick in 1995 (Jason Morgan)

To Chicago: Gerald Diduck
To Vancouver: Bogdan Savenko and a 3rd round pick in 1995 (Larry Courville)

To Vancouver: Corey Hirsch
To Rangers: Nathan Lafayette

To Vancouver: Roman Oksiuta
To Edmonton: Jiri Slegr

July 1995: To Vancouver: Alexander Mogilny, 5th round pick in 1995 (Todd Norman)
To Buffalo: Mike Peca, Mike Wilson and a 1st round pick in 1996 (Jay McKee)

To Vancouver: Mike Ridley
To Toronto: Sergio Momesso

(St. Louis signed Geoff Courtnall as a FA)

August 1995: Vancouver signed Dean Malkoc as a FA

To Edmonton: Bret Hauer
To Vancouver: conditional draft pick

Vancouver signed Denny Felsner as a FA

November 1995: To Vancouver: Esa Tikkanen
To New Jersey: 2nd round pick in 1996

December 1995: To Vancouver: Jim Dowd, Frantisek Kucera and a 2nd round pick in 1997
To Hartford: Jeff Brown and a 3rd round pick in 1998.

March 1996: To Vancouver: Mike Sillinger
To Anaheim: Roman Oksiuta

To Vancouver: Jesse Belanger
To Florida: 3rd round pick in 1996 (Oleg Kvasha?)

To Pittsburgh: Alex Stojanov
To Vancouver: Markus Naslund. Thanks Pittsburgh.

To Vancouver: Joe Kocur
To Rangers: Kay Whitmore

July 1996: (Phoenix signed Cliff Ronning as a FA)

Vancouver signed David Roberts as a FA

September 1996: Vancouver claim Chris Joseph off waivers (from Pittsburgh)
Vancouver claims Alexander Semak off waivers (from Islanders)

October 1996: Vancouver signed Troy Crowder as a FA

November 1996: To Vancouver: Donald Brashear
To Montreal: Jassen Cullimore

March 1997: To Vancouver: Sergei Nemchinov and Brian Noonan
To Rangers: Russ Courtnall and Esa Tikkanen.

To Pittsburgh: Josef Beranek
To Vancouver: future considerations

To Philadelphia: Frantisek Kucera
To Vancouver: future considerations

Vancouver claimed Steve Staios off waivers from Boston

July 1997: Vancouver signed Grant Ledyard as a FA

Vancouver signed Mark Messier as a FA

August 1997: Vancouver signed Arturs Irbe as a FA

January 1998: To Vancouver: Sean Burke, Geoff Sanderson and Enrico Ciccone
To Carolina: Martin Gelinas and Kirk McLean.

February 1998: To Buffalo: Geoff Sanderson
To Vancouver: Brad May and a 3rd round pick in 1999 (Rene Vydareny).

To Philadelphia: Mike Sillinger
To Vancouver: 5th round pick in 1998 Draft (Garret Prosofsky)

To Vancouver: Peter Zezel
To New Jersey: 2nd round pick in 1998 (Anton But)

To Islanders: Trevor Linden

To Vancouver: Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan McCabe, and a 3rd round pick in 1998 (Jarko Ruutu)

March 1998: To Boston: Grant Ledyard
To Vancouver: 8th round pick in 1998 (Curtis Valentine)

To Philadelphia: Sean Burke
To Vancouver: Garth Snow

To Toronto: Lonny Bohonos
To Vancouver: Brandon Convery

To Islanders: Gino Odjick
To Canucks: Jason Strudwick

To Philly: Dave Babych
To Vancouver: 5th round pick in 1998 (Justin Morrison)

July 1998: Canucks sign UFA Murray Baron.

October 1998: To Vancouver: Trent Klatt
To Philadelphia: 6th round pick in 2000 (Roman Cechmanek?).

December 1998: Vancouver claimed Harry York off waivers from Pittsburgh.

January 1999: Vancouver traded Pavel Bure, Bret Hedican, Brad Ference and Canucks' 3rd round pick in 1999 or 2000 (2000, Robert Fried) to Florida for Ed Jovanovski, Dave Gagner, Mike Brown, Kevin Weekes, and Florida's 1st round pick in the 1999 or 2000 Draft (2000, Nathan Smith).

February 1999: Vancouver traded Chris McAllister to Toronto for Darby Hendrickson.

Vancouver claimed Steve Washburn off waivers from Florida.

March 1999: Vancouver traded Jamie Hushcroft to Phoenix for future considerations.

June 1999: Vancouver signed Alfie Michaud as a FA.

Vancouver traded Bryan McCabe and a 1st round pick in either 2000 or 2001 (2000, Pavel Vorobiev) to Chicago for a 1st round pick in 1999.

July 1999: Canucks sign UFA Andrew Cassells.

August 1999: Canucks sign free agents Doug Bodger and Martin Gendron.

September 1999: Vancouver claimed Chris Joseph off waivers from Ottawa.

October 1999: (Detroit claimed Manny Legace off waivers from Vancouver.)

Atlanta traded Corey Schwab to Vancouver for a cond. pick in 2000 (Round 2, Libor Ustrnal).

December 1999: Islanders traded Felix Potvin and 2nd and 3rd round (Thatcher Bell)picks in 2000 to Vancouver for Bill Muckalt, Kevin Weekes and Dave Scatchard.

January 2000: New Jersey traded Vadim Sharifjanov to Vancouver for conditional draft picks.

(Phoenix claimed Chris Joseph off waivers from Vancouver.)

March 2000: Vancouver traded Alexander Mogilny to New Jersey for Denis Pederson and Brendan Morrison.

Thrashers traded 2001 second round pick (#33-Timofei Shishkanov), 2001 third round pick (#66-Fedor Fedorov) to Canucks for 2000 second round pick (#42-Libor Ustmul), 2001 third round pick (#80-Michael Garnett)

December 2000: Islanders traded Mike Stapleton to Vancouver for its 9th round pick in 2001.

February 2001: Tampa Bay traded Dan Cloutier to Vancouver for Adrian Aucoin and Vancouver's 2nd round pick in 2001.

Vancouver traded Felix Potvin to Los Angeles for a conditional pick in 2001 or 2002.

March 2001: Nashville traded Drake Berehowsky to Vancouver for a pick in 2001.

May 2001: Florida traded Alex Auld to Vancouver for a 2001 draft pick and a 2002 3rd round pick (Greg Campbell?).

June 2001: Vancouver signed Kevin Swanson.

November 2001: To Vancouver: Trevor Linden and a cond. 2nd round pick (Kiril Koltsov?)
To Washington: 1st round pick in 2002 (Boyd Gordon)

December 2001: To Flyers: Donald Brashear
To Vancouver: Jan Hlavac and Tampa's 3rd round pick in 2003

To Vancouver: Trevor Letowski, Todd Warriner, Tyler Bouck and a 3rd round pick in 2003
To Phoenix: Drake Berehowsky and Denis Pederson

November 2002: Vancouver traded Jan Hlavac and Harold Druken to Carolina for Marek Malik and Darren Langdon.

January 2003: Vancouver traded Jeff Farkas to Atlanta for Chris Herperger and Chris Nielsen.

Vancouver trades Steve Kariya to the Devils for Mikko Jokela

February 2003: Vancouver traded Todd Warriner to the Flyers for future considerations.

March 2003: Phoenix trades Brad May to Vancouver for a cond. pick in 2003.

July 2003: Phoenix acquired defenseman Bryan Helmer from the Vancouver Canucks for defenseman Martin Grenier.

Canucks signed defenseman Dallas Eakins as a free agent from Atlanta, defenseman Jiri Slegr as a free agent from Europe
and forward Magnus Arvedsson as a free agent from Ottawa

August 2003: Pittsburgh Penguins traded Johan Hedberg to the Vancouver Canucks for a 2nd round selection in 2004 (Alex Goligoski)

October 2003: Vancouver traded Zenith Komarninski to Columbus for Sean Pronger.

December 2003: Nashville traded Wade Brookbank to Vancouver for future considerations.

January 2004: Vancouver traded Jiri Slegr to Boston for future considerations.

February 2004: Vancouver traded Tyler Moss to Edmonton for Peter Sarno.

March 2004: Rangers traded Martin Rucinsky to Vancouver for RJ Umberger and Martin Grenier.

St. Louis traded Sergei Varlamov to Vancouver for Ryan Ready.

Pittsburgh traded Marc Bergevin to Vancouver for a conditional draft pick.

Columbus traded Geoff Sanderson to Vancouver for a 3rd round pick in 2004 (Dan Lacosta).

Vancouver traded Chris Bala to Colorado for Jordan Krestanovich.

July 2004: Canucks sign Joe DiPenta, Jonathan Aiken, Lee Goren, Wade Flaherty, Jeff Heerema as free agents.


August 2005: To New York Islanders: Brent Sopel
To Vancouver Canucks: 3rd round pick in 2006

To Vancouver Canucks: Steve McCarthy
To Chicago Blackhawks: 3rd round pick in 2006

September 2005: To Vancouver Canucks: Craig Darby
To Tampa Bay Lightning: future considerations

October 2005: To Vancouver Canucks: Jozef Balej and a conditional draft pick
To New York Rangers: Fedor Fedorov.

March 2006: To Vancouver Canucks : Sean Brown
To New Jersey Devils : 4th round pick in 2006 (T.J. Miller)

To Vancouver Canucks: Keith Carney and Juha Alen
To Anaheim Mighty Ducks : Brett Skinner and a 2nd round pick in 2006 (Bryce Swan)

To Atlanta Thrashers: Steve McCarthy
To Vancouver Canucks : conditional 7th round pick in 2007 (Charles-Antoine Messier)

To Vancouver Canucks : Eric Weinrich
To St. Louis Blues : Tomas Mojzis and a 3rd round pick in 2006 (Jonas Junland)

June 2006: To Vancouver Canucks: Roberto Luongo, Lukas Krajicek and a 6th round pick (Sergei Shirokov) in 2006
Florida Panthers : Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan Allen and Alex Auld

July 2006: Canucks sign UFA's Willie Mitchell, Marc Chouinard, Jan Bulis

To Los Angeles Kings: Dan Cloutier
Vancouver Canucks: 2nd round pick (Taylor Ellington) in 2007 and a conditional pick in 2009

To Vancouver Canucks: Taylor Pyatt
Buffalo Sabres: 4th round pick (traded to Calgary to pick Brad Eidsness and Jean-Simon Aillard) in 2007

August 2006: Canucks sign UFA Rory Fitzpatrick

October 2006: Canucks claim Dany Sabourin off waivers.

December 2006: Canucks claim Jeff Cowan off waivers.

February 2007: To Vancouver Canucks: Brent Sopel
To Los Angeles Kings : 2nd round pick in either 2007 (option exercised, Wayne Simmonds)or a 4th round pick in 2008

To Vancouver Canucks : Bryan Smolinski
To Chicago Blackhawks : conditional 2nd round pick ( Akim Aliu)

June 2007: To Vancouver Canucks: Ryan Shannon
To Anaheim Ducks: Jason King and a conditional 3rd round pick in 2009

To Atlanta Thrashers : Jesse Schultz
To Vancouver Canucks : Jim Sharrow

July 2007: Vancouver signs UFAs Byron Ritchie, Brad Isbister, Curtis Sanford, and Aaron Miller

August 2007: To Vancouver Canucks : Zack Fitzgerald
To St. Louis Blues: Francois-Pierre Guenette

January 2008: Claimed Kris Beech off waivers from Columbus.

February 2008: To Vancouver: Matt Pettinger
To Washington: Matt Cooke

June 2008: Canucks claim Kyle Wellwood off waivers from the Maple Leafs.

July 2008: Canucks trade 2009 3rd round pick, a 2010 2nd round pick to Sabres for Steve Bernier and Brad Lukowich

Canucks sign Darcy Hordichuk, Ryan Johnson and Alexandre Bolduc.

Canucks trade Ryan Shannon to the Senators for Lawrence Nycholat.

Signed Pavol Demitra and Rob Davison.

Signed Jason Krog.

October 2008: Canucks trade Lukas Krajicek and Juraj Simek to the Lightning for Shane O'Brien and Michel Oulett

December 2008: Canucks trade James Sharrow to Chicago for a conditional 2009 pick

Canucks sign UFA Mats Sundin

Canucks trade a 7th round pick to the Kings in exchange for Jason Labarbera.

February 2009: Acquired defenseman Nathan McIver from the Anaheim Ducks for right wing Mike Brown

Canucks claimed defenseman Ossi Vaananen off waivers.

March 2009: Signed right wing Eric Walsky.

June 2009: Acquired the rights to Shaun Heshka from the Coyotes for a seventh-round selection in 2009

July 2009: Signed UFAs Mikael Samuelsson, Andrew Raycroft, Tanner Glass, Guillaume Desbiens and Mike Funk

August 2009: Signed UFA Mathieu Schneider

Canucks acquire Christian Ehrhoff and Brad Lukowich from the Sharks in exchange for Daniel Rahimi and Patrick White.

November 2009: Signed UFA Matt Pettinger.

May 2010: Signed Yann Sauve, Lee Sweatt and Chris Tanev

July 2010: Signed UFAs Manny Malhotra, Dan Hamhuis and Jeff Tambellini.

Canucks trade Steve Bernier, Michael Grabner and a first round pick (Quinton Howden) to the Panthers for Keith Ballard and Victor Oreskovich

August 2010: Signed Bill Sweatt and Raffi Torres

October 2010: Traded Darcy Hordichuk to Panthers for Andrew Peters.

November 2010: Canucks trade Sean Zimmerman to Buffalo in exchange for Nathan Paetsch.

February 2011: Canucks traded Evan Oberg and 2013 3rd round pick. to Florida for Chris Higgins.

Traded Joel Perrault and a 2012 3rd round pick to Anaheim in exchange for Maxim Lapierre and MacGregor Sharp.

June 2011: Traded Christian Ehrhoff's negotiation rights to Buffalo in exchange for a 4th round pick in 2012.

July 2011: Canucks sign UFAs Mark Mancari, Marco Sturm, Andrew Ebbett, Steve Pinizzotto, Matt Climie, Mike Duco, Alexander Sulzer.

Canucks sign UFA Byron Bitz.

October 4, 2011: Claimed F Dale Weise off waivers from the New York Rangers.

October 22, 2011: Acquired David Booth, Steve Reinprecht and a 3rd round draft pick in 2013 in exchange for Mikael Samuelsson and Marco Sturm.

February 26, 2012: Traded D Alexander Sulzer to Buffalo for D Marc-Andre Gragnani

Traded Cody Hodgson to Buffalo for Zack Kassian.

Traded Taylor Ellington and 2 4th round picks (2012) to Columbus for Sammy Pahlsson.

Traded Sebastien Erixon to Anaheim for Andrew Gordon.

March 20, 2012: Signed G Joe Cannata out of college.

July 1, 2012: Signed D Jason Garrison as a free agent.