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Stanley Cup Final Goal Chart - Round One

I tortured myself recently by watching every single goal scored in the four rounds of Vancouver's Cup run and decided to plot them to see if anything stood out. In hindsight there's a good deal of other activities I could have charted at the same time: pass charts, hits, penalties taken/drawn, etc. Perhaps later this summer I'll take another stab at it, but overall I wanted to know how Vancouver found paydirt as well as how the opponents solved Luongo/Schneider.

I originally was going to put all the charts and tables in one uber post, but it became a bit unyielding to read so I'll go round by round instead with a recap at the end. Ultimately the charts provide a different view of a story you already know: Vancouver had a rough first round, played stronger against Nashville and San Jose and - though close - were fairly schooled at both ends of the ice in the final.

Using ESPN, and CBS Sportsline, here is the goal chart from the first round; Canucks' goals are plotted on the left, Hawks on the right.


[Click to view larger image]

How Vancouver scored, including the type of shot and the distance (as tabulated by ESPN; NHL and CBS had slightly different records). You can sort the columns by clicking on the header.

Distance (ft)
Tip 13.2
Wrist 18.1
Slap 10
D. Sedin
Deflection 7.1
D. Sedin
Wrist 35.4
Slap 34.1
Slap 54
Backhand 17.5
D. Sedin
Wrist 9.4
Slap 48.1
D. Sedin
Tip 5.4
Wrist 25
Backhand 8.1
D. Sedin
Wrap 7.2
Slap 12
Slap 26.2



Here's how Chicago scored, including where (location) they beat Luongo or Schneider.


Distance (ft)
Wrist 6.8
lower right
Wrist 18 upper right
Stalberg Wrist 26.4 lower right
Sharp Slap 22
lower left
Keith Slap 55.2 upper right
Keith Slap 34.5 upper right
Campbell Snap 24.1 upper right
Sharp Slap 34 upper left
Bolland Wrist 19.2 lower left
Frolik Wrist 10.4 lower left
Bickell Wrist 7.7 lower left
Sharp *
Wrist 18.5 lower left
Keith *
Slap 63.8 lower left
Keith Slap 55.3
upper left
Hossa Wrist 33.4 upper right
Kane Deflection 23.1 upper left
Hossa *
Wrist 20 upper right
Bolland Slap 22.4 upper left
Smith Backhand 16.3 upper left
Bickell *
Wrist 15.6 upper left
Frolik *
Penalty Shot
8.6 lower left
Toews Wrist 7 five hole

* = Goal scored against Cory Schneider

Some takeaways:

  • Vancouver has nine scorers, Chicago had 11.
  • Vancouver's sixteen goals came primarily from slap shots (at an average of 30.7 ft) or wristers (at an average of 22 ft). 
  • Roughly 55% of Chicago's goals were wristers with an average of 16.63 ft.
  • 25% of Vancouver's goals were from defensemen.
  • 4.6% 22.7% of Chicago's goals came from defensemen.
  • Of the goals against Vancouver, 32% went low stickside, 27% went high gloveside and another 27% went high stickside.
  • Daniel Sedin scored four different ways within ten feet of Crawford.
  • Keith's slapshots were pure wrecking balls.
  • Not surprisingly both teams struggled with rebound control.
  • Games four and five saw Chicago dominate the 30 ft directly in front of Luongo or Schneider, directly between the circles (you'll see this happen again when we get around to the VAN/BOS chart which is by far uglier than the above).