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Canucks Re-Sign Chris Higgins

Within minutes of the 9:00 AM deadline it has been announced that the Canucks have signed winger Chris Higgins to a 2-year, $3.8 million contract. This is a $300,000 raise for Mr. Higgins. Given his warrior-like performance in the playoffs I really don't care about the extra money he got. I think he proved himself rather well. Mike Gillis is holding true to his word in regards to keeping the team together. There are guys from the Finals roster that I would like to see signed like Raffi Torres, Jannik Hansen and Victor Oreskovich, but there is no word on any progress with any of those 3 players yet. Well, except that Raffi's agent said the beast will hit the open market at 9:00 AM PST which is.....right now.