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A Bit of Bounceback, Please

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Gasp!  Can it be?  Yes it is!  Missy had time to put up some Squid for the first time in almost a month!!!!

Okay, let's face it: last night's game was atrocious.  Seriously, I'm actually thankful I only had to listen to it on the radio at work instead of watching it.  The constant rough stuff, marching to the penalty boxes, and Bruins goals were very annoying.  At least Jannik Hansen ruined Tim Thomas 's shutout, that was probably the one bright spot.  Our boys need to put out a strong road game tomorrow night.  I know they can do it, they've been fabulous at bounceback games this season.  Remember, boys, only 2 more wins.  You're on the edge of glory.  (And don't be hating the song, I love it right now.)

Some quick links to keep you happy until Sean posts a preview later: