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Making Sense Out Of An 8-1 Loss

Press Re-Start FUKKERS
Press Re-Start FUKKERS


  • We lost 8-1
  • We quit being a team way too early in this game
  • Aaron Rome demolishes Nathan Horton 5:00 into the game and gets a 5 minute interference call. Ron McLean tells Don Cherry that Horton's extremities are working and Cherry responds that "yeah his hands and feet were moving".HA!  Far too long to get Horton's carcass off the ice on a stretcher, Far too long meaning that it took the doctors over 20 minutes to get him off the ice on a stretcher. Horton wanted to avoid the stretcher but was basically told to stay the f*ck down. The hit by Rome was late and was interference make no mistake. But the B's rallied to the cause for their fallen comrade. 
  • Wait..Claude Julien bitched about Maxim Lapierre mocking/rubbing the finger-biting antics of Alex Burrows into the Bruins' faces in the Game 2 win to the french media yet his own players, including Mark Recchi re-rubbed those antics in the face of Burrows and Lapierre more than twice in game 3? You hypocritical bastard. 
  • We lost 8-1, heheh
  • I guess AV left Lou in goal after the second period because we had a power play and could make a game of it. No. Put Cory Schneider in there.
  • The Canucks, save a few glorious basterds named Raymond, Higgins, Hansen, Torres quit applying pressure after it was 3-0...or before that.
  • Tim Thomas. I both love you and hate you. You flukey bastard!!! haha. Wait, is it OK for a goalie to push down an opposing player? WOW.
  • Turnovers? Bad puck movement? Since when did Bruinitis infect us?
  • Speaking of that..what the flying f*ck happened to our power play?
  • Boston scored 2 power play goals and 2 shorthanded goals. YIEEEEEEEEEEE!
  • Zdeno Chara is still a fool. A blunderous fool. Plus, Boston still loves to turn the puck over. A LOT.
  • Aaron Rome was being beaked off by Shawn Thornton prior to Rome destroying Hornton. Call that dressing a win by Claude Julien. Thornton was a pain in the ass all night. The Canucks came unraveled.
  • Who was a -4? Alex Edler. Followed closely by Kesler, Ehrhoff who were each a -3.
  • Hey AV, when was the right time to put Cory Schneider in? No?? Let your goalie get shelled then.
  • The reffing as the game went on...WTF?
  • Can somebody please lynch what's her ass for re-igniting the Olympic torch? haha. It's not working. Put that shit out!


  • The Canucks had won 4 straight games prior to this abortion. You could see them basically quitting  as time went along (early). The Bruins kept hitting and charging and the Canucks quit. God knows that is what we call an anomaly. The Canucks will be ready for Game 4.
  • Like a friend told me: 8-1 or a 3-2 loss to the Bruins in quadruple OT. Which is worse?
  • Back to the anomaly. I still think that if Rome doesn't kill Hornton and get that 5:00 major life could have been different.
  • CBC did not show any Green Men props/antics tonight. I'm sure the spandex-clad boys changed out of their gymnastics gear after the 2nd, hid their props in the shitter and donned Bruins jerseys. 
  • For all the Rome haters: he may just get suspended and we finally see Keith Ballard in the lineup instead
  • Don't you love the 2-0 series lead the Canucks had going into this game? Talk about leverage.
  • I don't care what people say... we are the better team. Fuck the Bruins and all their dirt.
  • Damn there was so much that happened in this game. Discuss in the comments thread.