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Canucks May Need To Finish Series Without Hamhuis

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I've created a stir on Twitter because I have heard today (and this is the "joy" of living in Smithers) that Dan Hamhuis' injury, which I'm hearing is his groin, is serious and that he is out for the remainder of the playoffs. Whether it's his groin or his ribs it really doesn't matter. Hammer has not practiced with the team since the injury occurred in Game 1 and like Dan Murphy said on Twitter moments ago: that isn't good.

Murphy is trying to contact the team for confirmation but you know he's going to get either the "day-to-day" line from Alain Vigneault or the "erroneous" from Mike Gillis. Hey, if the source I heard it from is wrong I will be happy. But watch the clip of the hit again:


Maybe Lucic's knee smashes his ribs during the check. But it looks more to me like as soon as Hammer lands on his feet again and puts weight on that left leg...down he goes. And he was limping badly when he was heading to the dressing room. I know Elliot Papp was saying that Hammer was not limping when he boarded the charter for Boston yesterday but...

We'll see. Just so you know though: the Canucks are 13-6 when Hamhuis was not in the lineup this year (and that's counting OT/SO losses as outright losses). Lots of depth on D!