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Zandberg's Smithers Game 2 Experience

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You know....sometimes there's no point in scrutinizing a game. Tonight was one of those nights in my opinion. In general, I liked how this game was reffed (minus the failed Bieksa delay of game call). Aaron Rome excelled early and I thought failed as the game went on. The Bruins found life in not only a Milan Lucic goal but also a (gasp!) power play goal by Mark Recchi. Yet our Canucks persevered. And man, did they ever expose the magnificent Tim Thomas in their comeback win! Unreal. The Biter Bites the Bruins!

WOW! So much for the awful storyline of Burrows biting Patrice Bergeron's finger in Game 1. He scored 2 goals and 1 assist in the Canucks' 3-2 win in Game 2 over the Bruins. 

Yeah, Patrice...bitch and whine all you want but your nemesis just buried your team in a game that YOU PRETTY MUCH HAD TO WIN.

OK, so we lost our sh*t as Canucks fans watching the game so I just wanted to share a few clips with you of our night of celebration (with much thanks to Krista for doing all the camera work!). Yeah yeah we have not won the series yet but this was fun:

This is my friends' dog Milo reacting to the visual/sound of Coaches' Corner 1:

Milo Reacting To Coaches Corner #2:

The cat says:

Here we are after the Game 2 win. Yeah, Smithers is now coming alive! I can't believe I didn't get my toes run over but f*ck it we WON!

OK that's all I've got for now! GO CANUCKS GO!!