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Paging Mr.Gillis. Mr.Gillis? D-Day Updates / Open Thread

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No re-signings by the Canucks today...yet. But if there are I'll give them their own post plus put the quick update at the top of this post. So what else is happening around the NHL? A fair bit actually. Some rosterbation fantasies were squashed while others came to life. Here is a list of what's happening, with the top of the list being the most recent (not in exact chronicle order).

  • So what free agents are left after today? Check it out. Rosterbate like there ain't no tomorrow!
  • From Cap Geek on Twitter (as of 7:50 pm): Top five cap payrolls heading into UFA period: #Penguins, #Sabres, #SJSharks, #NHLFlames and #Flyers ... in that order.
  • The Ducks will not re-sign D Andreas Lilja, F Brad Winchester and F Jarko Ruutu. Teemu Selanne underwent knee surgery. (OC Register on Twitter)
  • No contracts for Jan Hejda and especially James Wisniewski in Columbus yet.
  • Christian Ehrhoff's deal with the Sabres is a reported 10 year deal worth $40 million! Bettman's ears just perked up. I wonder how front-loaded that deal is. UPDATE: Bobby Mac tweets: Year 1: $8M signing bonus, $2M salary; Year 2: $5M SB, $3M sal. That's $18M in 1st 2 yrs, or $15M before puck drops on 12-13 season. #tsn Holy effing signing bonuses! Then...Year 3: $4M; Year 4: $4M, Year 5: $4M; Year 6: $4M; Year 7: $3M; Year 8; $1M; Year 9: $1M, Year 10: $1M. Modified NTC. Cap hit=$4M/yr. #tsn
  • Mike Modano will test the free agent market before making a retirement decision. (facepalm). Don't even think about it, Gillis.
    • Chris Johnston from the Canadian Press tweeted earlier that it Sounds like there's nothing imminent between Winnipeg and Andrew Ladd on a new contract. Excuse me, I need to go find a washroom..or a bush...
    • @EJHradek_NHL: Holland says he's been told that Jagr is somewhere in North America. Wow.
    • @tpanotchCSN: Flyers will NOT submit an offer sheet on Stamkos. It's over.
    • 2:22 pm PST: Bob (not Bub) McKenzie tweets: Sure sounds like Christian Ehrhoff is close to being a Buffalo Sabre. Will update when it's confirmed.
    • Ken Holland spoke to Jaromir Jagr's agent today. The Pens are still waiting for a response from the Jagr camp on the deal they put forth. Expect no answers on this "pathetic" issue until

    • The Hurricanes broke a few of our hearts by re-signing F Jussi Jokinen to a 3-year $9 million contract.
    • The Blues signed T.J. Oshie to a 1-year $2.35 million contract.
    • Did you watch Game 7 of the Finals on the big screen TV on Georgia Street? Well check out this massive win of a picture. It's made up of 216 photos so you can zoom in and find yourself or scope out others (sicko).