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Goldmining the CDC - Chapter Two

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Hey. You. Yeah you filthy armchair GM. Did you hear? It's not good out there. The twitter is angry. It sounds like this:

Bieksa was too much, he's a bum! Ehrhoff was Bobby Orr with a German smile, we're so stupid! Everyone in the West is better and we're going backwards. BLOW. IT. UP.

I need to sign off before I cry.

For some the sky is falling and they indeed need their mothers.

With the UFA season ready to kick off in about 48 hours, you have to think some CDC proposals are going to be awesome right? Can they top last week's? Let's find out.

  • Sedin/Sedin/Kovalev - "Sign Kovalev for 2 yrs at $7.5. He has gr8 hands and would really compliment the sedins. 2nd line should be Burrows/Kes/Hansen. Hansen is very capable of being on a 2nd line and is due for a promotion. What do u think?" My answer: u don't want to know what I think.
  • Acquire Gaborik, Add Jovanovski, Konopka - "gaborik for ballard and/or samualson and/or raymond and/or hodgson and/or shirokov and/or schroeder and/or draft picks" My answer: This needs more and/or clauses, but I'm excited to finally get Gaborik in that house he bought.
  • Blum for Rome & a Fifth Round Pick: "Pretty much two improving 6th defense men swapped for each other, you're thoughts?" My answer: Picking on the second Central team who can't work a fax machine is just mean.
  • Simon Gagne FTW!: Gagne's first season of major junior was with the Beauport Harfangs of the QMJHL and he won the team's rookie of the year... guess who was the coach that year... A.V. My answer: Is that the X-files theme I hear?