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Canucks Fare Well At NHL Awards Evening

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No, Roberto Luongo did not win the Vezina Trophy, as he predicted. Alain Vigneault was not named coach-of-the-year. Daniel Sedin did not win the Hart Trophy like his brother did the year before.


Daniel Sedin did win the Ted Lindsay Trophy as the League's Most Valuable Player as voted by his peers, which is just as great of an honor. Video: 1. Daniel receives the Lindsay Award. 2. Dank talks about winning the Lindsay award. Huh, no shots at his brother..

Of course, Dank also won the Art Ross Trophy for kicking everyone's ass on the scoresheet this past season. Video: 1. Dank receives the Art Ross Trophy. 2. Dank talks about winning it with hottie.

Ryan Kesler did win the Selke Trophy and rightfully so. Maybe that will help ease his pain a little, as you could see in his face all night that the pain of the Cup Finals loss was still apparent. Video: 1. Kesler wins the Selke. 2. Kesler talks about his Selke win.

Mike Gillis was named GM Of The Year. Hell yes. Video: 1. Gillis wins the GM Of The Year Award. 2. Mike Gillis talks about his award win.

And...Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider won the Jennings Trophy for allowing the fewest goals against this season. Video of them receiving the award here.

Congrats to the guys on their wins/nominations. It was a hell of a year.

-Complete list of award winners here.

-Here is how the voting for each award went down.