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It's Rosterbation Time Again! What Do You Want The Canucks' 2011-12 Roster To Look Like?

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Pope_john_paul_2_medium For those of you who are not familiar with the term "rosterbation" it basically means creating your idea of what you would like to see the Canucks' roster look like for the upcoming season. Is there a player you dream of having on the squad? Rosterbate away! Unfortunately this type of "sin" has a restriction. Yeah it's ok if your parents or significant other walk in on you doing it but unfortunately we try to keep it realistic, which in this case means salary cap-compliant. So you can use as a reference for who is up for free agency and for financial referencing and TSN for the list of Western Conference free agents and Eastern Conference free agents. Build your roster however you choose: trades, sign free agents, or poach RFA's. This is meant to be in good fun. You might get some ribbing and might go over the cap in which case you'll probably get corrected, but roll with the punches! By the way, you can't trade Roberto Luongo, or I'll beat your head in with a hammer. I'm kidding. Maybe.

The Salary Cap is $64 million.

You need 13 forwards, 7 defencemen and 2 goalies.

Just for poops and giggles here are some results from last summer's rosterbation session.

OK, I'll start it off:


1. Daniel Sedin: $6.1 million

2. Henrik Sedin: $6.1 million

3. Ryan Kesler: $5.0 million

4. Jamie Langenbrunner: $2.8

5. Mason Raymond: $2.55

6. Mikael Samuelsson: $2.50

7. Manny Malhotra: $2.5

8. Alex Burrows: $2.0

9. Raffi Torres: $1.2

10. Jannik Hansen: $1.5

11. Maxim Lapierre: $0.9

12. Victor Oreskovich: $0.7

13. Alex Bolduc: $0.6

Total: $34.45

-Higgins goes back east somewhere (oh please stay..)

-Hodgson traded for prospect and high draft pick.


1. Dan Hamhuis: $4.5 million

2. Kevin Bieksa: $4.5 million

3. Keith Ballard: $4.2 million

4. Alex Edler: $3.25

5. Anton Babchuk: $3.5

6. Sami Salo: $2.5

7. Aaron Rome: $0.75

TOTAL: $23.70

-Trade away Ryan Parent for a low draft pick

-Ehrhoff walks.

-So does Alberts.


1. Roberto Luongo: $5.33 million

2. Cory Schneider: $0.90

TOTAL: $6.23


Wow, how is that crop of defencemen in the UFA pool this year? Terrible! I am guessing some may want Ed Jovanovski back into the fold. OK, your turn!