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A Little Bit of Recharging

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If the first free weekend in ten weeks doesn't signal the season is truly over then go check in on the Bruins' Cup parade today which should confirm it.

Next up are the NHL awards on Wednesday (other than Kesler/Selke can't say I care much) and the NHL Entry Draft that starts next Friday. Unlike last year when Vancouver had to sit on their hands for the first four rounds, Vancouver have their 1-7 deep picks: 29th, 60th, 90th, 120th, 150th, 180th, and 210th. You can start brushing up on the rankings here, here and SBN has been having a mock draft the past few weeks that is worth checking out here.


By the way, you may have noticed the past few days I'm purposely not discussing the riot. I speak for myself, not Sean or any other writer. There are no shortage of outlets discussing everything from the philosophy of rioters, celebrating the kissing couple, asking if the mayor should be fired and if the Canucks should foot some of the clean up expenses (quick opinion: hells yes). But at the root is once these jackasses are tossed into what I hope is a gulag that would make Dostoyevsky puke, our NM community and others have to play clean up. These cretins have made our real passion for this team more difficult than a debilitating game seven loss ever could have on its own and that alone makes it uniquely infuriating. These lowest common denominator pricks aren't representative of the fans NM is here for and the fans I want the site to represent. It's like having a shitty distant cousin: you may occasionally have to hold your nose and acknowledge they're there, but that's the extent of the relationship.

To end on something more positive, here's a derp.