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Game 7 SCF Report Card ; Agony

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In the last game of a wonderful season, there are a few ways to take such a gut punching disappointment.  It is not for trying the Canucks lost.  They are not suddenly a team of chokers, Luongo is not suddenly a horrible goalie, and the Sedins are still pretty good players.

In the end, they lost to a slightly better team, with some great performances. Tim Thomas was very good this series, but beatable tonight, even though he had a shutout. It was one of the shakiest Game 7 shutouts I have seen!  Yes, he made a few saves. His defenders and team made a bunch more plays to prevent chances.  Hell, Chara could argue he had the best save on Burrows tonight!  A total team win for the Bruins. Congrats and a cyber hand shake to the SCOC folks.

The same with Luongo. He will wrongly become a lightening rod for the haters and those that were gleefully cheering against our team winning.  Perhaps we needed this one last bit of pain for he and the team to get over the hump this year. I said in a comments thread earlier that whichever team lost this series would win the Cup next year.  I thought it would be the Bruins.  I believe it will be the Canucks.



But that is for another's the last report card of the season...

I am so disappointed in the probably very small minority of folks doing idiot things in the aftermath. Burning cars only makes you a criminal, and you ARE NOT A FAN!!!  Get out of where I live, and handle losing with more class, you drunken idiot. Riot squads being reported deployed, but its only a core group of idiots.  Come on Van Police.  Don't get caught out. But really people.  Just back away from the burning car I am seeing on my TV. Its just a game. Oh look, a riot may be starting.




There will be no numbers though. Check the ESPN link if you want them.  Just some thoughts and observations from the  wreckage.

Let me say this. Yes, the Sedins and Luongo fell short. Kesler was probably injured, and we will hear of many more.  The Rome suspension turned out to be a lot more important than everyone thought. For all the guff he gets around here sometimes, the guy solidified a defense that ran out of healthy bodies. You could see Edler was not 100%, and McGuire said he does have a hand injury.

Everybody gets hurt in this marathon. In the end, the Bruins depth was able to withstand the hurts and pain a bit better than ours.  We got to see a seven game series, and come close enough to have the fucking Cup in our building. The pain of having the other team lift it in our house will push each and every one of these guys in the offseason, and I trust GMMG to make the moves he feels are needed.  It should be said that AV coached well.


- The Sedins and Burrows were not together for the entire night, which is never good.  Hansen saw some time with the Twins.  They had some of the best chances of the night, and forced some big Thomas saves. But in the end, it was not enough. In the injury pool, I have Henrik with a groin injury.  Kudos on this night to the Bruins. A reminder of how close the games are. The Sedins get an early goal, and who knows?  Their big failure in this series will be documented as the power play though. For that, as well, the Bruins deserve some credit. Paille and Campbell both were effective PKers.

- I love Hansen, and he played with a lot of fire tonight. I think they could have called Thomas for the high stick too Jannik ( as they also could have called a late elbow on Burrows by Seidenberg ). In the end, that is the kind of reffing they should have been happy to have in Game 7. I thought they still missed some things, and let a lot go, but its Game 7, and they let the teams play. The Bruins still played the hack and whack in this series, and tonight, and that is maybe a maddening thing for the Canucks.

That stuff usually called was just not sometimes.  But no one said it would be easy. I aint bitching about the officiating, though lets face it, they were pretty bad this series. We have all made our feelings known about the controversies in this series, and everyone will continue to see what they like.  In the end, the team that was just a little better won.  That is what usually happens in a seven gamer, as painful as it is to the loser's fans to admit.  Hopefully the Canucks learn and get away with it next year! Because that is really what the reffing came down to this series, what was or was not seen  But Jannik, even a blind ref can see when you blow up a guy like you did in your fit of anger. You did not get the call. That was stupid. I still love you though, OK?

- Ryan Kesler is a big game player. He did not succeed tonight, but he was sure trying harder than everyone on the ice in a blue sweater.    I am pretty sure he is the first mentioned as injured in the coming days, and I am voting pulled hamstring on this one.  He must have been shot up though. Tonight, he had 6 shots. He was also a -2, and only won 8 of 21 draws.  I know he tried his best.  Next year Ryan.

- The same with Roberto Luongo.  I know the haters are going to hate on him, and I really don't care. There are more than enough blame to go around on every damn goal, but every one of them will be totally attributed to him, and that is not fair. The possibility ( shown by NBC, the guys I watched tonight ), is very real that the third may have been pushed in by a hand. It turned out not to matter, but I am sure there will be plenty of haters from the various sites that are gleeful tonight ( and really, what does that say about them? ) at the result.  The truth is that the first goal, which turned out to be the only one that mattered, the Canucks won the draw.  Daniel Sedin got out played for the puck by Marchand, and both Burrows and both defenseman did not help. Bergeron should not have been so open. He got off a quick shot that beat Luongo cleanly.  I expect it will be totally his fault in the aftermath.  Such is the idiocy and hyperbole sometimes associated with this team.

- Those idiots are now on my TV screen, and I am so embarrassed by the bullshit going on here. Its a couple core groups of troublemakers, and people are being hurt down there.  GO HOME, you loons!  Congrats to the Bruins, and I am so sorry that people have to see this from our city. Its just a small minority, but they are hiding in the crowd. People. Go HOME, and let the police handle these crazy idiots.