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Game 6 SCF Report Card ; Faithfully

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Well folks, we knew it would not be easy.  I have to say, the faith seems to be lacking in our star goaltender again.  I know, I thought after such a strong performance in Game 5, we had turned this corner.  But he is the same guy that has two shutouts at home.  While there might be a few "restless hearts, sleeping alone tonight" , there is no way he does not start Game 7.

I expect he will be fine.  Tonight, he was not the only one in an abysmal first period.  But he did have two goals beat him that had no business getting by.  Three goals on eight shots, and the other guy played way better ( though he let in a couple too ).  I still have faith in Luongo in Game 7.  The Stanley Park Seawall will rejuvenate his spirit, and lift all ours.  Don't stop believing!






That does not mean we cannot be critical.  Its going to be tough though. Except for a horrible opening twenty, the Canucks did not play horribly.  The Bruins are just a tough nut to crack when they have the lead. I like how our boys did not give up.  I was not too fond of the reffing though, and there is no way that Henrik "dived" when he was hit by Chara, but what can you do?  Railing against it just gives you a headache, and it won't change anything.


My Wonder Twins Power Ring is not working right ;


Henrik Sedin and his brother are going to hear some complaining about the power play, and their own less than their standards production. It has a little merit, but not that much. Both of them were run at every opportunity, and kept battling.  Tonight, with Raymond's injury moving people up and down, they saw some shifts with unfamiliar line mates. In Hank's 26 shifts and 22:28 TOI ( 7:05 PP / :05 PK ), he ended up a -1. But he had a goal, 3 shots, and 3 hits. After a first where he was 4 for 8, he ended up 10 of 21 on the draws.  Definitely more solution than problem. 8.2/10.

Daniel Sedin looked a little frustrated at the end of this one. You could clearly read his lips when Marchand was finally penalized for the punches in the head that were happening on way more scrums than that late one, saying to Sutherland, "Fucking asshole, when are you going to call this shit"?, or words of a similar import.  He had 23 shifts and 18:55 TOI, ( 5:10 PP / :11 PK ), and ended up with 2 assists, including a nice set up of Lapierre. 5 shots, 1 missed, 1 takeaway, 1 hit, and 10 minutes for the above mentioned greeting for Kelly Sutherland. How dare he after 4-5 punches to the face?  7.99/10.

Alexandre Burrows did not have his best game, though he was still in there pitching all game. He mainly stayed with the Twins, but just could not get open as much.  In 29 shifts and 19:30 TOI ( 2:59 PP /  3:17 on a PK that let in 2 on 5 opportunities ) 3 shots, a -1, a penalty ( for a communal slashing party with Bergeron ), 1 block, 3 hits, and 1 takeaway to offset 1 giveaway. 7.8/10.


Who is on the Second line now ? ;


Ryan Kesler looked a bit faster, and stronger on the puck tonight. In his 25 shifts and 20:08 TOI ( 6:01 PP / 2:58 PK ), he was a -1, had 2 shots, but missed 3 ( and a couple of those were on good rushes/opportunities ) 3 hits, and only 11 of 23 in the circle.  A penalty in that awful 1st period did not help. 7.2/10.

Christopher Higgins had his chances. He was mainly with Kesler after the Raymond injury, in his 24 shifts and 14:48 TOI ( 3:12 PP / :38 PK ), and finished a -1.  Only 1 shot, 1 hit, and 1 block is not good enough tonight Higgy 6.8/10.

Mason Raymond will get an incomplete tonight, but I wanted to take his space to post the hit that he got hurt on. I seem to be going back and forth on this one.  For me, it should have been a  penalty, because Boychuk had both his arms in there,he shoves a vulnerable player in there on what looks like purpose, and the puck was no where near.  But its a tough one, so I am willing to be wrong on this one too...what do you think?





I think the third line is still pretty good... ;


A bit of a tough night for Maxim Lapierre and his line mates. Mostly, they were not together all the time, as the raymond injury forced Hansen up with Kesler's line regularly. In his 20 shifts and 12:58 TOI ( 1:38 PK ), he did end up with a goal, even if it was a mean nothing one.  2 shots, 1 missed, 4 hits and only 1 for 5 on the faceoffs. He did get a misconduct for telling O'Hallaran what he thought of the reffing tonight. 7.5/10.

Jannik Hansen will be working with a skills coach all off season, you would think. His breakaway, he just could not execute with Timmy on his belly and beat.  The Boston supporters will tell you how great their goalie was, and he did win, but Hansen in particular should have cashed in on him.  In his 25 shifts and 19:09 TOI ( :49 PP / 3:06 PK ), he had the breakaway, hit the post ( and celebrated a goal so convincingly that everyone stopped. They should have popped it back in to make sure! ) to not make up one of the 3 shots he had, and only 1 hit ( seems light ) 7.8/10.

Raffi Torres did not have the best night though. He took a very dumb tripping call when the Canucks looked to be making a push ( and had just scored to start the 3rd ), that led to the 5th goal and took away the momentum they looked to be building.  In 19 shifts and 14:34 TOI ( 2:08 PP ), he was a -1, had 3 hits, 1 shot, and lost all 4 the draws he took. He tried to make some big hits, but this was not his night.  6.7/10.


 When is the last time Money has been so bad in the circle?  ;


Manny Malhotra is our faceoff ace. Except when he is not.   There were plenty of defensive zone losses on his 5 for 17 night, and that helped lead to 2 power play goals for the Bruins. In his 20 shifts and 13:14 TOI ( :20 PP / 3:03 PK ), he was with Lapierre and occasionally Glass, occasionally ( more often)Oreskovich, with all the juggling.  A -1, 1 shot ( missed 1) blocked 1, had 1 hit, 2 takeaways, and a giveaway. 6.9/10.

Victor Oreskovich is going to be a good player for this team. His speed, size and desire to hit are all good things. He saw time on Kes's line, the Sedin line, and the cobbled together 4th tonight, in his 14 shifts and 8:37 TOI.  A -1, with only 1 hit on the night, and a giveaway. 6.6/10.

Tanner Glass was the low man on the minutes list tonight. He had 12 shifts and 7:25 TOI. He had a hit and a shot.  A kinda meh night, for a kinda meh player in this series. 6.45/10.


Come on blue line. What happened to the Game 5 defense? ;


This was not the night these guys envisioned tonight, for sure. Kevin Bieksa was not going to take it all laying down, but in his 30 shifts and 25:57 TOI ( 4:32 PP / 3:31 PK ), while maybe the best defender, he just could not cash in. One of only 2 even defenders tonight, he had a team high 8 shots ( and missed 5 more, but most of those were intentional to bounce off the back boards ), 2 blocks, and a giveaway. Only 2 hits though Juice?  He also made a very bad choice to pick up his stick on the Lucic goal, gifting them a 2 on 1 that they cashed in on. 7.15/10.

Alexander Edler, like the rest of the blue line, did not have the best night in their own end and on the PK. But he did have 4 blocks, and 6 hits tonight ( both team highs ) in his 22 shifts and 19:19 TOI ( 4:11 PP / 1:36 PK ).  He made a very boneheaded play on an icing to give the Bruins a totally free power play that resulted in the 3rd goal.  A -1, with only 1 shot on goal does not help either. 6.88/10.

Christian Ehrhoff did get an assist on Henrik's power play goal, but he was not the most effective defenseman tonight.  In his 30 shifts and 19:52 TOI ( 4:04 PP / 1:58 PK ), he had only 1 shot ( with 4 minutes of PP time! ), missed 1 more, and had only 1 hit, and was a -1.  They hit him a fair amount, and while the stats guy did not notice, I did.  The hitting on him ( and most of the blue line ) helped the Bruins keep the Canucks in their own end too much tonight. 6.44/10.

Christopher Tanev did not have the exemplary game he did in Game 5. He was forced more, hit more, and gave up the puck more. But he still mainly was good with the puck ( you can blame him on the third goal for a turnover. I think Lapierre should have had that pass ) In 26 shifts and 17:12 TOI ( 1:12 PP /  :28 PK ), he was the only other defender to finish even, and had a hit, a takeaway, and a giveaway. He was not the problem tonight, but struggled a little more. At least we know he is human. 7/10.

Andrew Alberts is not the problem back there. In his 22 shifts and 16:16 TOI ( 2:32 PK ), he was a -1. 1 shot, 1 missed, 4 hits, 3 blocks, and a penalty for crosschecking Seguin that was definitely a callable offense, but given how they called a dive on Henrik, one that they should have called on the rookie for the flop he embellished it with.  I guess the narrative from the media ensures that those only get called our way. 6.99/10.


Yes, he starts Game 7 ;


Roberto Luongo. I feel for the guy. The "comments" that the media has made into something it was not had nothing to do with tonight. I hope not, as that would mean he lost his focus because of it. He certainly lost his focus somewhere. The first goal, there is no way Marchand should score from there. The Lucic goal is another that he should have had.  The third was a nice screen, but come on Lui, Ference's shot is not that hard. 3 goals in 8 shots means a 5/10. Lets hope he bounces back. He will get the start in Game 7.  Stanley Park Seawall beckons Lui...don't forget.

Cory Schneider was pretty good in relief.  The goal that first beat him was a tip, and the Krejci goal was a nice play ( though I thought Ginger Jesus should have had his stick out a bit to deflect that pass. It was a nice pass though, so maybe that is a nitpick. He made some amazing saves on the other 30 shots he saved.  8.88/10.


So, another disheartening loss on the road in this series. We can talk about the guys that should have did this or that.  In the end, it was a team loss. ( 40 shots overall guys? Come on!). Like I said, this was a tough one to rate. That being said, not many over the give a shit line of 8 tonight.  They were close to it though.  The Canucks were pretty close in this game.  But for the three quick goals, they were not THAT bad. 

We have them right where we want them.  Besides, the Canucks will win in 7 on home ice is what the EA Sports guys said right?  Trust the Oracle...  They said the home team wins every game. I think so too.  Besides, winning it on home ice is more fun, right? Right? Bueller...Bueller?