"Why Are You a Canucks Fan?"

What can I say, I'm feeling a bit sappy.

Because Burrows caught Campoli's clearance, and Shorthouse afterwards shouting "They've slayed the dragon!" made my day.

Because Jim Robson screaming "Greg Adams! Greg Adams!" made my older brothers' day several decades ago.

Because Harold Druken beating Felix Potvin in late-season OT got the whole ball rolling.

Because of Naslund scoring that hat trick against Dallas in a mid-December game as a light-bulb turned on for him.

Because of Naslund's broken leg against Buffalo.

Because my Mom watching hockey on Saturday nights really taught me how to swear.

Because Pat Quinn is a tough old bastard.

Because Tony Gallagher is a tough old bastard in his own way.

Because of Dana Murzyn's post-career butcher shop.

Because "'Sedin' is not Swedish for 'punch me or headlock me in a scrum'."

Because we got see Bure play in his prime, and we had to see him go. His early days were meant for Keats' opening stanzas.

Because the Canucks had Neely, and they lost Neely.

Because of Captain Linden, and 'Captain' Kirk, Cliff and Greg and Geoff, Jyrki and Dave and Bret and Jeff.

Because Messier wasn't the answer.

Because Alex Burrows was meant for better things than professional ball hockey and ignominious minor league bus rides.

Because of Frank and Lester Patrick, and Frank and Arthur Griffiths.

Because Burke and his scouts saw Kesler lose a college game like a champ and chose correctly.

Because of Kirk McLean's 761 stops in spring.

Because Gillis took a gamble on Sundin, and Mats rubbed off on the Sedins.

Because Murray Baron is an awesome name for a hockey player. Same goes for Tony Tanti.

Because the Oilers use to own the Canucks, as did the Flames, and Burnaby Joe's Avalanche, and lately the Blackhawks.

Because the Bruins use to own the Canucks, too.

Because Martin Gelinas busted his ass for the '96-97 team when nobody was looking.

Because Mike Keenan tore the heart out of the Canucks.

Because Nonis with one trade reduced Keenan's rep' to rubble, and made me write my elder brother: "They've finally got the goalie!"

Because of that mid-air spinorama goal young Bertuzzi scored on Ron Tugnutt. I thought Bert could have been one of the best.

Because Coach A.V. is damn near unflappable.

Because of Ohlund's rookie season.

Because Ed Jovanovski's punch against Adam Deadmarsh was titanic, like a hole was ripped in space.

Because Doug Lidster has two Stanley Cups rings, but he had to earn them elsewhere. Quite a few Canucks did.

Because Linden put Jeff Norton through the glass.

Because of Steve Kariya and Fedor Fedorov and Jason King and Corey Hirsch and Brandon Reid and Brad Ference and anybody else who perked up my ears in the pre-season.

Because of Bossy's OT winner on a bad clearance, and McSorley's baseball swing, Steve Moore's neck, Lidstrom's bomb on Cloutier, Joel Otto's skate, and Byfuglien big ass in the crease. Sometimes the bear eats you....sometimes you eat the bear.

Because of the Twins' telepathy, and Luongo in the clutch, Edler's lowered shoulder, and #17 in full-stride.

Because of John Shorthouse, Don Taylor, Dave Randorf and Barry Macdonald on CKVU-TV's 'Sports Page' when I was a kid.

Because of Malhotra's comeback.

Because Tanev and Hodgson give you hope.

Because Wayne Maki and Roger Neilson are just bones in the ground now, and Luc Bourdon would have been the best player in the Finals.

Because the Stanley Cup isn't just a trophy, it's a memento mori the further down the years you trace the inscriptions on it.

Because of Gino's wild right-hand.

Because of Brashear's death-glare.

Because of 100 North Renfrew Street.

Because of the Skytrain passing Rogers Arena on game day.

Because Kurtenbach-to-Bourdrias-to-Oddleifson-to-Lever-to-McCarthy-to-Smyl-to-Quinn-to-Lidster-to-Linden-to-Messier-to-Naslund-to-Luongo-to-Sedin.

Because no one got as worked up about a great play or a bad call as Tom Larscheid could and would.

Because of those early 90's skate-logo jerseys.

Because of those lousy 80's Halloween jerseys.

Because Gillis was sharp enough to fly to Sweden to re-sign identical MVP's.

Because of the 'Suitcase' and 'King Richard', "The House" and "The Strangler", "The Mattress Line" and "The Westcoast Express".

Because of Cyclone Taylor, Mickey MacKay, and Cannonball Pitre, if you really want to look back.

Because it's a wonderful thing to hear Shorthouse call a big Canucks goal from the other side of the planet.

Because with a win not only would Luongo, Henrik and Daniel, Kesler and Burrows and Bieksa earn a championship ring, but Smyl, Gradin, Delorme, Lindgren and Snepsts, too. What a beautiful thought.

Because the history of the Canucks has often been in the foreground and background of my life and the life of my family and the country I was raised in and have left, and it's the same for many others, a common thread, a song we all know and love and hate and love and hate and love. Go Canucks Go, Go Canucks Go.

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