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NM At The Finals- Sights, Sounds and Thoughts

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So many thoughts race through my head as we're less than 24 hours before what could be the Canucks first Stanley Cup Championship.  I know I'm not alone.  Whether you've been fortunate enough (not to mention rolling in the disposable income) to have gotten a ticket to one of those 3 games, watched it somewhere in Vancouver and been on Granville Street with the thousands of others to celebrate the wins, or just supported the Blue & Green from your spot on this planet, it's been an amazing experience.

I have to be honest, trying to balance the needs of fan and blogger in these two jaunts across the Strait have been exhausting.  There's lots to see and do inside the rink, and getting to chat with some of the journalists I have met has been a great experience.  At the same time, being able to be outside for the Party On The Plaza and take in the excitement, as well as post-game celebrations on Granville Street?  Without a doubt some of the best Canucks-related moments ever for me. 

Above: Upon arriving at the arena Friday morning, I had sometime quiet time with Roger.

There's so much coming at you right now, as Canucks fans.  It seems as though there's more media on this Finals series than any before.  And sadly, so much of it is bitter, vile and downright embarrassing.  The kind of agenda-driven journalism usually reserved for politics in our neighbours to the south has reared it's ugly head in the Stanley Cup finals.  So much media dedicated to painting a picture of just how disgusting and repulsive the Canucks and their fans are.  Some of it comes from people who don't know anything else than this kind of crap.  Unfortunately some if comes from people who should know better.  I don't want to take up this post on this particular topic (there will be more to come on this tomorrow, however), instead I want to stay positive.


This whole thing isn't about insults, taunts and embellishments.  It's about the fans of this team, who have stood by and cheered every win and felt the pain of every loss.  It's about a season where the team and it's fans may truly have something to celebrate besides just being there.  This is our time, Canucks fans.  And we have been through a lot.  One more win, and finally the team we love will raise that trophy to the sky.  All of the pain, the heartbreak and frustration of once being so close, but more often that not never being close enough, it all disappears.  And don't you dare let anyone tell you this would be 'tarnished' or 'undeserving'.  That's garbage.  Every team that wins the Cup deserves it.  It's our turn.

History could be made on Monday night.  The Canucks, led by Henrik Sedin could win the Stanley Cup in the building that he and brother Daniel were drafted by the Canucks.  And if you believe in signs, this road win would be the Canucks' 33rd of the year.  Breathe.  It's gonna be a hell of a night.