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On the ground in Vancouver: Days 4 & 5

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A diehard Canucks fan living in Toronto since 2001, I have long vowed to return to Vancouver for a visit should the Canucks make the Stanley Cup Final - even if it meant quitting my job! Fortunately it didn't come to that, and I will be in Vancouver from June 6 until some time after the series ends. Unfortunately I do not have a spare $1000 or so to see a game live. But I will enjoy the atmosphere in the city, and will be sharing daily or almost-daily updates of the sights and sounds that I experience in Vancouver, as a city waits on pins and needles for a 41 year dream to come to fruition. This feature is aimed mostly at those fans that don't live in the city, but want to experience a slice of Canucks-crazy life in Vancouver. Hope you enjoy!

June 9-10 - Days 4 & 5 of my Vancouver trip

Well yesterday was definitely the best day of my trip. Something to do with the local ice hockey team, I believe. People seem quite excited about this group of sportsmen for some reason.  Coming up, many more pictures and some video from the post-Game 5 celebrations in downtown Vancouver.


Screw Peter Puck, this was way cooler! Yeah, I met Steve Nash. And it was pretty freakin' cool. I didn't even notice him at first, and I just noticed a group of people in Canucks gear coming up the street. I actually high-fived his kid and a few other people in his group, and then half a block later my sister said "that was Steve Nash!" I ran back and he kindly took a quick picture with me (I felt badly bugging him when he was out with family... but I did so anyway). Best of all, he was keeping it in the family and rocking the Manny Malhotra shirt!

Much, much more after the jump!


We've got the poutine, but where are the meatballs?


I watched Game 5 at the Railway Club on Dunsmuir. We got there at 230pm to get a good table, so it was a long, anxious wait for faceoff! It was a good crowd in the bar, with lots of energy and cheering. Here is how it sounded during the national anthem:

And here is the bar after Lappierre scored the eventual game winner:


Victory dance after the Canucks victory!


After the game we made our way up Granville Street toward Robson. This is the view at Georgia Street (just west from where the outdoor viewing party was held). Here is the scene at Granville and Robson:

Below are some scenes from around downtown after the victory. Can't imagine the guy in the Bruins jersey was too popular! And boy do the outdoor viewers leave a mess!




The images below are of CBC guys broadcasting outside Rogers Arena. DO NOT MAKE MARC CRAWFORD ANGRY!!!



And I leave you with some more images of ecstatic, hopeful Canucks fans reveling on the streets of Vancouver. From my observation, partying was generally safe and the police did a good job of establishing a presence in the crowd (rather than just outside it) and letting people enjoy themselves within reasonable boundaries. Let's hope I have some more images like this for you after Monday!

15/16. One more win boys, let's do it! GO CANUCKS GO!!!