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Looks Like Ballard Is Out And Tanev Is In

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Keith Ballard had a tough game 4. But so did a lot of players. The difference is that Ballard is on a shorter leash than anyone else. I have total faith in Chris Tanev's ability. But what I'm seeing being questioned (and rightfully so) is why Alain Vigneault won't sacrifice a lamb (Alberts, or maybe even the rumored injured Ehrhoff) to put the Ballard / Tanev combo back together. We know that duo works. And by the looks of how the pairings have failed since the Hamhuis injury, why not go with something that works?

Speaking of Hamhuis...Alain Vigneault said that Hammer will travel with the team to Boston and is listed as day-to-day. But don't get your hopes up, unless you think a torn groin heals in a week.