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Friday Scoreboard Watching

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So, tonight could potentially see the end of 2 more 2nd-round series, with the Canucks and Predators being the only series where there wasn't a sweep. Some people see this as a bad thing for Vancouver since being the only team not to finish the 2nd round by sweeping their opponent shows them as weaker. I don't agree with this, mainly because of the matchups and results in the other series. For example, San Jose and Detroit went to OT twice already in 3 games so far, and all their results have been 1-goal games. San Jose is lucky to be leading 3-0. Our series is very similar to this, with the only difference being that Nashville got a lucky bounce in OT that Detroit hasn't had yet.
Before I go off on a rant, here are today's games:

4:00 pm PDT Sharks vs Red Wings Game 4. As I said above, the Sharks are leading the series 3-0, but the first 3 games were much too close to show a true dominance. Viewable on Versus and TSN.

5:00 pm Flyers vs Bruins Game 4. Last year, with Boston up 3-0, this was the point where the Flyers started their historical comeback to win in 7 games. However, having that happen 2 years ago between the same teams in the same round? It would truly be historical if that kind of luck came about again. Viewable on CBC, Versus and RDS.

Go drama.