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Canucks Head Home After 4-2 Win

Once again credit Nashville for not making anything easy, but their suffocating style still couldn't stop Vancouver from taking two in their barn and heading home with a commanding 3-1 lead. Of course we know having "commanding leads" is a tad misleading, so expect nothing short of a small war on Saturday.

Some cogent conclusions:

  • There's a reason we call him the KesLORD and when he's splitting your D for the GWG that's your first hint. That fact SOB was one of the aforementioned D men is just icing on the cake of life. Kesler has now creeped into the top five for assists (8) and is tied for third overall in points (11). Dude of the hour, man of the game, player of the series?
  • At this rate, Joel Ward will be the type of player most teams should want in at least a bottom six role. I'm damn near rooting for the guy.
  • Each team won 35 faceoffs and lost 35 as well. Lappy was again the man, going 9-14 (64%) from the dot.
  • Ehrhoff: you're killing me softly with your song. That blown coverage on Ward should have been enough to punt most TVs into the ocean. But he walks out with three points, tied with Kesler and Hank for the most points on the night. As was said in Dumb and Dumber: "Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!"
  • The Sedins were gifted with a few open nets in the beginning of the game, but blew a tire and the skies darkened. At the break of dawn they strolled out of game four with a combined four points. Wait, what?
  • Any Preds fan who wants to continue to bitch about penalties while your little pile of puke Tootoo gets away with his typical contribution to society, I'll hear nothing more.
  • Edler: Thank you for shooting. 
  • The Preds shots on goals per period: 6, 7 and 8. 
  • Cam will have more tomorrow on the Corsi, but you'll never guess who lead the Canucks (think Swedish genetic supremacy). 
  • Rinne finally looked human. Granted he's still obscenely gifted, but he was all over the place in the first and was beaten clean on the Kesler and Edler tallies. Not enough traffic in front of him for my liking, but the Canucks made it work.
  • Aaron Rome: This team is better with him eating 13 minutes - and handing over a 5-on-3 - instead of Ballard why?
  • Your SH TOI leaders: Burrows and Kesler (2:40 each).
  • Luongo's SV% took a slight step backwards tonight and Rinne is approaching Brian Boucher land.
  • Dan Hamhuis lead the team with 24:13 and was a quiet force once again. Nice to see him bring the solid minutes back at home against a hostile crowd.
  • Side quest results: Hodgson with 5:59, Wilson with 13:34. I hear a slide whistle right about here.
  • Cody Fransen = master of the mystery puck. If you look behind you, he placed a puck on the back on your seat. He's such a prankster.
  • Raymond is due for some scoreboard. His wheels had to be giving the "WTF" to more than one Nashville player tonight.
  • Lapierre played more minutes than Samuelsson. Discuss.
  • Suter and Weber finish the game both with -2. 
  • Next game is back at the Cell on Saturday at 5:00 PM. Time to drive the final nail into the kitty coffin.