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Wednesday Scoreboard Watching

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Yes, folks, I know I've been busy.  I keep getting scheduled to work during our games, so I haven't been able to watch and comment on the games.  Luckily, I have tomorrow evening off, so I'll be able to watch our Game 4.  Meanwhile, this evening, all the 3 other series in the league are in action:

4:00 pm PDT Capitals vs Lightning Game 4.  Tampa Bay is ready to sweep Washington back to the golf course, although the young players are trying to keep their cool.  Meanwhile, Alex Ovechkin is guaranteeing a win for the Capitals, believing that they can pull off the necessary 4 wins to stay alive and pull off what Philly did last year.  Viewable on TSN, RDS and NHLN.

4:00 pm Flyers vs Bruins Game 3.  Down 2-0 in the series, Philly is waiting on a game-time decision for whether Jeff Carter will be able to help out tonight.  UPDATE: He's in.  Meanwhile, the question around Boston is whether or not their horrible playoff PP rate will need to improve for them to beat the Flyers.  Viewable on CBC and Versus.

5:00 pm Sharks vs Red Wings Game 3.  Up 2-0 in the series, San Jose is finally growing to appreciate having Antti Niemi in their net.  Meanwhile, despite splitting up Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg for tonight's game, Mike Babcock insists that he isn't worried about matching his lines up against the Sharks lines.  Viewable on TSN2 and Versus.

Go drama.