Dear Sports Writers From Across Canada... Screw You.

Who the hell are you to put your ego's, your desire to create controversy and drama before the fans and the sport.

I read about how Vancouver isn't Canada's team, and I'm a Canucks fan in Fort McMurray Alberta, who can't go anywhere in his green ballcap with the stick in rink logo, without at least one person cheering on the Canucks. You can't go to a bar without seeing a significant portion of people flying the colours, cars driving down the road sporting their Canucks pride. I haven't heard of a single hockey fan who doesn't want to see the Canucks win, who aren't excited to see hockey on it's greatest stage played by virtuosos of the sport. So what is it that you see?

Are you no longer the center of your cities hockey attention? Have you been so self absorbed with your own team that you dread having to answer a question about the Canucks because frankly a PST game is too late for someone as important as you to stay and watch? Are you bitter it isn't your team? How is it that Vancouver can't be Canada's team, because it isn't captian'd by a Maurice Richard, Doug Gilmour, Lanny McDonald or Wayne Gretzky? That Vancouver doesn't have the history of Montreal or Toronto?

Well I say screw you and your bitter twisted opinion and you can stick them in that same hole you produce the majority of your opinion pieces. Vancouver has the sports history and pride in its team, from Roger Neilson and the 82 series, a Cinderella story, a story of determination and perseverance. To the '94 series Vancouver went toe to toe with the President's Cup winner all the way to game 7, a team that was shown respect with a rally of 40,000 fans who turned out to thank them. Canadian players like Roberto Luongo, Alex Burrows, Dan Hamhuis, Kevin Bieksa, Tanner Glass, Cody Hodgson, Mason Raymond, Maxim LaPierre, Aaron Rome, Raffi Torres, Victor Oreskovich, Chris Tanev, Alex Bolduc, Jeff Tambellini, Aaron Volpatti, and Manny Malhotra. All Canadians born and raised across Canada. Who are you to say they aren't Canada's team?

Vancouver is a Canadian team, and I'm sorry it's not the team you write about year after year in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary or Edmonton. We don't have the Stanley Cup Banner hanging from our rafters, but we have something you don't a chance this year, a team that put together a winning environment, who put aside ego's and dollar signs, who came together to achieve the greatest goal in the NHL. It's a shame you have to sell out a sensational story to make your story sensational.

PS You suck.

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