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Live From Vancouver... It's Saturday Night... Coffee?


In the eventual movie that will be made about Nucks Misconduct, the role of WAACH'Cast will be played by Zach Galifianakis.  Only because James Franco had 8 other movies and a college course to teach that week.  Photoshop by the lovely MrsWaachcast.

The table is set.  The wait?  Well that leaves something to be desired to be honest, but let's face it: for the Canucks faithful, we've waited this long so a few more days won't entirely kill us.  And it's not like the last few days have been void of news.  We had to wait to find out who our opponent would be.  We got the great news that Christian Ehrhoff and um, Aaron Rome will be good to go for Game 1.  And the news no Canuck fan dared to dream could actually happen?  It happened, as Manny Malhotra has been cleared for a return to action.

So now we, the community known as Nucks Misconduct are ready for this run at the ultimate trophy in sports.  And we are going to bring it to you in a way I bet you didn't think we could.  That's kind of why I have decided to invade your Saturday night.  Nucks Misconduct is proud to announce that we will be there, representing all of you and SB Nation at the Stanley Cup Finals.  Right in the press scrums.  News almost nearly as fast as those media guys.  And how are we going to do that?  I'm going to the show, kids!

Now that I've actually had a chance to stop hyperventilating, I am thrilled to tell you I have been chosen to represent Nucks Misconduct at all home games during the Finals.  I am going to do my best to give you the info, get quotes and provide pics and video.   And I am looking forward to being able to meet up with as many of you as I can.  I have a bit of a reputation as a bit of a smartass here, but I can assure you my number one focus is to do this blog and SB Nation proud.  I want to thank Sean and Yankee for this incredible opportunity, as well as Missy, Vancitydan, Cam, Arby and Nucksandpucks for all the incredible work they do.  I believe that we are the best damn Canucks blog on the interwebs, and this is a huge step forward that will bring us a look inside something we've waited all our lives for.