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Now More Than Ever: Canucks Fan Map

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(Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
(Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
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We get emails. Often times we get some that don't involve threatening to report us to the German government or the FCC (yeah, seriously).

Recently I got one from a recent hockey convert who, after five years in Vancouver, returned to his home in Kuwait City. He or she is a world away from Vancouver but feels just as plugged in as the rest of us looking towards next week. It reminds me of when I was bouncing around Africa just shy of a year ago and ran smack into a Canucks fan while hiking. Being a fan has zero to do with time zones (and altitude). This is the best of seven series we've been waiting almost two decades for, so expect a lot more fans to come out of the woodwork (you can debate the bandwagoners at a later date).

Nevertheless, we'd hate for you to be alone when the puck drops to open the Finals, so it's time to whip out our fan map again. After the jump is your chance to (if you haven't done so yet) add yourself to the map and get your own local meet ups going in time for game one.

Go now.


View Nucks Misconduct Fans Map in a larger map

For the uninitiated the map is a list of SBN Vancouver fans listed by their home or current geographical location. Many of you in and around Vancouver don't need this, but for those sprinkled around North America and the far reaches of the terrestrial hangout we call Earth, it's nice to know you're not alone and hopefully this provides you with a way to contact a like-minded puckhead.

Just click on the marker, check the names out and you can contact them if you need a puck buddy. If you're not on the list, drop your city in the comments and we'll hook you up as soon as we can. If you prefer you can email me but please include your SBN username (otherwise no one can contact you and I'll have a sad).

Who knows when Vancouver will have another shot at the Cup like this, so stop lurking and make some hockey buddies. At the very least, you'll have someone to split the bar tab with.